Diabetes Smarts – Helping Men & Women To Prevent & Fight Diabetes Symptoms

Product Name: Diabetes Smarts – Helping Men & Women To Prevent & Fight Diabetes Symptoms

In this 8 Episode Diabetes-Fighting Series, I get to meet several doctors, nutritionists, current and former diabetics, from the around the world.

They share eye-opening revelations about how Diabetes is REALLY fought.

A lot of this information is not available anywhere else.

Here are some of the benefits:

Simple, Healthy, and Balanced Recipes Perfect For Everyday

Enjoy the quickest and most convenient way to enjoy healthy and blood sugar-friendly meals.

Keep the whole family happy with savory meals and save a ton of time with these amazing easy-to-do recipes in “That Diabetes Cookbook”.

The Diabetes Documentary Companion Guide helps you understand key points so you get the most out of this groundbreaking documentary series.

Every companion guide contains a summary of the core concepts of the corresponding episode. Plus, there’s a quick quiz to help you remember the key points to help you with your health goals.

It’s hard to figure out complex food ingredient labels to know which foods are actually good for us.

That’s why we’ve taken the guesswork out of grocery shopping with this handy list.

Use this Diabetes Shopping List to stock your kitchen with diabetes-friendly foods and wholesome ingredients to keep your family healthy.

It’s time to dispel the myths and misinformation about Type II Diabetes. 

As you read the book you will learn the signs and symptoms, the complications, and how a doctor diagnoses and monitors and treats patients with type 2 diabetes.

This book will give you concise and easy-to-understand knowledge, and the scientifically proven lifestyle changes to follow to fight this.

Our health depends on what goes into our bodies. This excellent guide is just what you need to start good eating habits and easily make more sensible food choices. And you can do it without feeling deprived or “missing out.” 

This fun-to-read guide makes good eating habits and a healthier lifestyle much easier to do even with a limited food budget!

Small Bites are for people who love to watch videos!

The Small Bites videos feature the true stories of brave men and women who refused to let their health challenges get in the way of living life with joy and vitality.

Watch the Small Bites Supplementary Videos For Diabetes and feel that you are not all alone in this at all. Watch and become inspired!

… By many doctors, meaning that it will only get worse with time, you have the power to lower your blood sugar levels and lessen the severity of diabetes symptoms through natural methods?

… Including several FORMER type 2 diabetics so they could pass on their knowledge and insights to you!

It’s time to meet several amazing people who broke through the myths and misinformation and are now living their lives below the diabetic threshold, symptom free!It is possible, and these former type 2 diabetics will reveal how they did it!

Don’t believe the scare tatics – there are proven methods for maintaining good glucose control, even if you’ve strugged in the past.It’s never too late to improve your health!

You won’t believe the marketing techniques of some food companies, who have convinced the public that certain foods are healthy when in fact they are just the opposite.We’ll expose the truth behind these food products and how you can replace them with far healthier and just as, if not more, delicious options.

We’ll show you why The Food Pyramid and The Glycemic Index are OUTDATED, and reveal more useful and healthier methods for knowing the healthiest types and the most appropriate amounts of foods to get onto your plate.

We’ll reveal where to go to find the most delicious, nutrient-rich, and most cost-effective NATURAL foods.

Medical professionals will explain how it is possible to improve your condition so that you can come off of your medications permanently.

We’ll show you how to properly read this information to truly understand if a food product is secretly loaded with added sugars and other unhealthy chemicals.

It’s possible to get all the physical activity you need at home or simply in the course of your daily routine.Physical fitness experts will break down the most effective and yet most easy routines you can sneak into your busy day.

Not if you know the right ingredients and methods. Chef Ronnie Fisher will show you several quick, easy, delicious, AND healthy meals you can whip up for yourself and your family within half an hour or less.

… For finding the least processed natural foods and how to utilize seasonal produce ALL YEAR LONG.We’ll introduce you to magazine editor Megan Kimble to learn how she completely UNPROCESSED HER DIET and changed her health,and her life, for the better.

We’ll give you tips on how you and your entire family can find fun and fulfillment away from that energy-sapping technology.

We’ll give you a host of tips to help you navigate those unhealthy and sugar-packed menus so that you can make the healthiest and yet most satisfying choices when you’re out on the town.

We’ll expose the true reasons why people in these mysterious regions live longer than everyone else, and reveal how you can implement their secret techniques for living such long and healthful lives.

First, most are on the payroll of the big pharma companies earning lucrative commissions for pushing their drugs…

The second reason is even more common…

By offering you another natural option, they are going against everything they have been taught during and since medical school and much of what the medical industry stands for…

But hang on it gets worse…

30 million or roughly 10% of the U.S population has diabetes…

…and a further 20 million more are undiagnosed…

These are frightening numbers

But what about the medications themselves?

Recent statistics released from the American Diabetes Association show that diabetic medication merely controls the symptoms of diabetes and doesn’t actually work half, as well as the medical industry, would have you believe.

Shockingly, in many cases, many medications have been found to progress the disease. Often to the point of no return…

Just to be clear once again – I’m not saying you shouldn’t take your meds.

Natural alternatives that have allowed many people to wean themselves off medication over time.

It’s time to put an end to the risk of becoming just another statistic and follow this blueprint to restore your health once and for all.

It’s very important to realise that diabetes is not a life sentence, nor a ticket to an early grave…

…In fact, many people use it as the wake up call to change their lives and become healthier than even before their diagnosis.  

The GREAT news, is that…

Their own Doctors were shocked and told them to stop taking their meds as they are no longer needed!

They became healthier than before they were ever diagnosed.

I researched published studies.

I met up with dozens of doctors, nutritionists and other experts.

I flew to several different countries, and filmed detailed interviews with people who had successfully fought their symptoms and were now even healthier than ever.

You should never consider cutting sugar and carbs, while increasing fat intake, as a great long term way to fight or prevent diabetes.

Yes, it’s important to get rid of unproductive carbohydrates, refined sugars and processed foods…

…If you don’t you’ll suffer more insulin resistance and unstable blood readings.

However, this combination of limiting sugar, carbs, while increasing fat, is a bit of a trapdoor for diabetics.

It’s a trap because it will get you early results, that may make it feel like it’s working, and you may then grow to believe that all you need is the willpower to keep it up.

It gets some results because you are cutting out what your body doesn’t need, and you are giving it some good fats that it may be craving.

But it is only a partial solution. And people who follow this kind of regime still have long term problems associated with heart disease, liver damage, kidney problems and more…

…Not to mention, they are often left feeling very hungry.

While most of the focus is on the pancreas, as that’s the organ that produces insulin and plays a major role in regulating erratic blood levels…

…The liver is equally important.

One critical job of the liver is to protect the pancreas so that you don’t get diabetes.

Imbalance of blood sugar begins with your liver losing its sugar supply.

So when you follow a strict diet that cuts out sugar and carbs, it’s just a ‘bandaid’ measure that may help balance your system for a while.

Sooner or later, you still need to put the good stuff back in…

And some of that ‘good stuff’ includes sugar and carbs.

This may take the form of berries, nuts, carrots, beets, pumpkin…

But also several other sugars and carbs, that you may have thought are ‘off limits’ are actually still very good for you…

…So long as you pair them with the right foods.

For instance, pairing an otherwise unhealthy yoghurt, with chia seeds, dramatically changes the ratio of fiber to sugar.

This can slow the absorption of sugar and help improve erratic blood levels, while also supplying the liver with the carbs that it needs.

So it’s really important to understand that diabetes doesn’t appear from consuming too much sugar and carbs, while not doing enough exercise… Though that may be part of the problem.

There’s more to it than that.

And by getting to the bottom of this, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover there are a lot of delicious foods you can eat, that help fight and prevent diabetes… without going hungry.

By now, you realize the frustrating reality. You recognize the devastating consequences of not getting your diabetes under control today…

The cruel reality is that if you don’t sort this out now, it could seriously destroy your health both mentally and physically in the years to come.

In fact, A 2010 report from the United Kingdom estimated that type 2 diabetes reduced life expectancy by up to 10 years, on average.

The side effects don’t stop there…

Living with diabetes means living with low energy, poor sleep habits, regular blood tests, insulin shots, and having your entire life ruled by the clock.

I’m sure you’ll agree this is not what you want.

Wouldn’t you prefer to take back your health and your life?

Imagine how it would feel to have these diabetes reversing secrets in your hands.

What would your life look like – If the clock didn’t rule it.

I know that you have a clear picture of what your life looks like with these diabetes-fighting tools at your fingertips.

And what it will feel like to finally enjoy time with family, friends – grilling on the deck, fishing, camping, traveling – whatever you desire without restriction –

Knowing the best days are yet to come..

To share this with loved ones including your father, mother, children, grandchildren and close friends.

And make sure they do not head down the destructive path to diabetes.

That’s why I organized all these never-before-seen ultimate diabetes secrets into a simple DONE-FOR-YOU program.

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