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Knock on the symptom vs. the cause

You may have heard of my NEW Lazer Tapping Class – a powerful mind / body / soul self-healing technique that was the cornerstone of me healing myself from Crohn’s disease – and has been for over 25 years.

Similar to EFT, lazer tapping is an acupressure-based tool for healing the mind and body that can cause profound changes in the emotional, energetic and physical body. If you’ve followed me for a long time, you know I make out about it all the time Talk therapy alone is not effective! You need to find healing therapies that integrate the mind with the body in order to effect healing in the physical tissues and cells of the body.

Interestingly, I got this great feedback from one of the course participants:

“I honestly can’t make much of it, it would be good to have some specific examples … like stomach ache, sadness about losing a normal life, anger at the medical professionals, sadness about diet restrictions, body image, lack of sleep from pain, maybe even things like hormones – hot flashes, weight gain, adrenal glands, no peace in your body and life, etc. “

The most important thing to remember about acupressure tapping is this the symptom (e.g. bowel pain) is never the underlying problem. The cause or cause of bowel pain can be 10 different things. Because of this, part of the lazer tapping process is taking you into your own body and tissues to see what it is for you.

As you begin to tap into or overwhelm anger or abuse, any aspect of the emotions or events that underlie your body’s expression in the form of abdominal pain can reach. Does this make sense?

For example, if your back is in constant pain, you could tap “all this pain in my back”, but it would be more effective to tap the possible emotions, dysfunction, or unhealthy situations in your life that are causing your back to cause pain! Like this member:

“My horse stepped on my right foot last December, then I developed plantar fasciitis in my left foot that lasted until October. Then my other horse was startled by the cat jumping on a cupboard and landed on my right foot. So I guessed it yesterday. Pain in my feet. Last night it occurred to me that if my feet hurt, I can’t look for another job. That tapping is amazing. ”- BH

See how she made the connection between the physical pain / injury in her feet, either not to seek another job or not to give herself permission to look for another job? Brilliant – that’s what I’m talking about.

Come and try a FREE SESSION and experience lazer tapping for yourself!

To get back to the unsatisfied email above, what this person was unaware of is that I already have lazer tapping sessions in the members area that will likely relieve / relieve much of their pain:

have no peace – See Meeting Anxiety & Anxiety and Meeting Feeling Overwhelmed

stomach pain – see session “Abuse & Injustice” and session “Tapping on Physical Symptoms” or “Pain”.

Sadness about loss of normal life and dietary restrictions – see session anger & resentment

Anger at medical professionals – see session anger & resentment

Lack of sleep due to pain – see Anxiety and Anxiety Session and Tapping for Physical Symptoms or Pain Session

Remember, the symptom is just a signpost or messenger – the REAL problem is always below the symptom. If someone works their way through all of the lazer tapping sessions I offer, they will likely find that their physical symptoms improve – because they actually are eliminate the causes of these symptoms.

Ideally, of course, if you want to check out the tutorial videos, practice and learn the lazer tapping technique yourself, then you can go into your own body and your psyche and identify the specific problems, situations or relationships that are causing you emotional and / or physical pain – and tap right on them, specifically. The more specific you get with acupressure tapping, the more success you will experience.

“I realized that in this physical body and my life I was knocking for myself to heal from the trauma that was still trapped in my womb. For the first time I was able to bring it to light and clearly see what triggered such a pregnancy phobia in me. For the first time I was able to put my fear into words and let go. Also for the first time I recognized my body and honored her messages. As Eckart Tolles Frau says about the pain: “The quickest way out is through” Now totally exhausted, but much better. I wanted to let you know that your work is important and has an impact in so MANY ways 🙏🏻🥰🌟 ”- SG

If you are fluent in the technique, messages from your subconscious, body wisdom, tissues and cells will emerge during a tapping session … this will lead you to the cause (s) of a symptom in your specific body.

Because of this, physical symptoms are often not resolved with just physical treatments – because the cause of the symptom is not physical! It’s emotional, spiritual, or psychological. In order to achieve healing on these levels, you need a healing technique of the mind / body / soul interface – such as hypnotherapy, lazer tapping or craniosacral (on the somato-emotional level).

“I did the overwhelm session and it was a huge help. Today was much better. Thank you for your guidance and assistance. Learning to listen to my gut instinct and know the difference between loving intuition and fearful avoidance, and my limbic system just trying to protect me, is a process that I am working diligently to understand. I am so grateful for this tool and for the specific sessions. Thanks again! ❤️❤️ ”- BK

That is the beauty of a healing circle – we all have the same problems living this chaotic human life.

Come and try a FREE SESSION and experience lazer tapping for yourself!

I’m doing a lazer tapping session for one of my horses – yes it works great with animals!

Jini Patel Thompson is an internationally recognized expert in natural digestive disease healing. She healed herself from the widespread Crohn’s disease and has been drug and surgery free for over 20 years. Appeared on numerous podcast, television and radio shows in the US, UK, Canada and Australia, Jini gives people hope and visions on how to cure colitis, Crohn’s disease, diverticulitis and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) in all natural methods. Her books on natural digestive disease cures have been sold in over 80 countries around the world.

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