Using color in a medical qigong treatment

Medical qigong (pronounced chee-gung) is a treatment method that is part of Chinese medicine. The focus is on working with the subtle energies of the body – such as qi (chee), to help someone get healthy or improve their health and wellbeing. Chinese medicine believes that it is in this energy field that diseases usually begin and treatment really begins. A person can go to Chinese medicine school to learn how to work in this energy field and treat diseases, which I have also done. In this process I was trained and learned to feel and connect with subtle energy (chee). Then I learned to direct, move, change, or use them to aid a patient on the path to healing. Each client has different subtle energy needs. Although qigong has specific treatment protocols, some flexibility is allowed so that you can ensure that the treatment you are performing is tailored to the patient’s needs.

A qigong treatment is like a meditative mood so that you can work in an invisible energy field to treat it medically. Qigong requires mental focus and attention in order to get into this “dimension”, to stay in it and to work in it. Once you are “in that zone” use mental visualization, including colors and tones, to use the correct wave of energy to treat an organ.

What is amazing to me is that different organs in the body are more sensitive and tuned to different colors and sounds. So in Chinese medicine there is guidance on what colors to use to nourish different organs when you are in the energy field. Here are the colors that each organ system is better attuned to:

  • Heart, brain, circulation, small intestine – RED
  • Spleen, Stomach, Muscles, Mouth – YELLOW
  • Liver, gallbladder, tendons, eyes – GREEN
  • Lungs, colon, nose, skin, hair – WHITE
  • Kidneys, bladder, bones, genital organs, ears – BLACK

My first ah-hah moment in using color
What really made this concept of using different colors in one treatment happen when I was doing one of my first qigong treatments. I was working on a client’s gallbladder and the protocol says the color green should be used. However, a voice in my head said, “The color it needs is more bluish green” – which is still green, but a little bit blue. Then I mentally changed my mental focus to the blue-green color and could immediately feel the change in my client’s gallbladder and become more alive – almost like I had just watered a withered plant.

This was the qigong treatment experience that let me know how any patient may need a slightly modified energy wave pattern to precisely meet their body’s needs. It also notified me of a way to make those changes (like changing the color slightly) and got validation that worked.

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