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Carbohydrate Intolerance / Sensitivity – Trapped Gas Advice?

Hello! Linsy here and I’m back again to answer a great question from one of our readers!

This week’s question is:

“Do you have any advice on carbohydrate intolerance / sensitivity? I’ve experienced trapped gas causing pain in my middle back that circles all the way to the front of my stomach – and that can last for hours! I thought I should start taking digestive enzymes to break down the carbohydrates and also be on a low carbohydrate diet? Would be very grateful for any help!”

First of all, I want to thank you for contacting us and what a great question that is. Lots of people have trouble digesting carbohydrates, so thank you for bringing up this topic! I am very sorry for the pain and discomfort.

In my experience, gas and gas can be caused by diet, food intolerances, stress, etc. Any fungal and bacterial pathogenic material can also cause gas and a leaky gut, but even without knowing the exact cause of the gas, there are a few things I’ve had successes that have helped me with gas, cramps, and the occasional gas.

# 1: digestive enzymes

The first thing that helped me that the reader mentioned in their question is digestive enzymes!

Whether it was a carbohydrate digestion problem or something else, these have helped me A LOT. We actually have a great digestive enzyme product on the shop that is NOT contaminated with mold spores (as many are) but Jini recommends that you do not use enzymes long term as your body will not produce them naturally.

That being said, I used enzymes almost every meal during my healing as I had a major digestive problem. I specifically took them in the middle of my meal.

Our reader asked about taking enzymes with carbohydrates, but as I mentioned earlier, I took them during all of my meals – until I reached a point where my GI was strong enough to handle digestion on its own. So, if you think food digestion is a problem (and not an allergy or intolerance), I would personally include digestive enzymes!

Breaking down foods takes a lot of energy and calories, and processing carbohydrates themselves can take a long time. Digestive enzymes can help break down these macromolecules – because if things aren’t digested properly they can sit and ferment … and cause gas!

The already mentioned digestive enzymes that Jini offers in the shop are available in capsule form or chewable tablets:

Houston Enzyme Tri-Enza
Houston Enzymes Tri-Enza Pomegranate Lemonade Flavor

# 2: castor oil pack

Jini recommends hot castor oil packs for not only relieving and relieving stabbing pain, but gas and gas as well! Castor oil (made from the castor bean) penetrates deep into the tissues and stimulates the lymphatic system to get the good in and the bad out.

Jini says it’s best to use castor oil packs with heat, and this has been very helpful when I’m in severe pain, frankly. I used a heating pad with the castor oil protocol and the heat has always helped me with pain. You can read all about how the castor oil pack is made and how one of our readers used a castor oil pack to save her sister’s life in this blog post.

# 3: folder

When I feel like something is stuck or trapped (often with gas or gas), I’m actually using a binder!

Folders, as you know, are one of my favorite tools – but here’s an interesting fact that a lot of people don’t know about. Activated charcoal is known to relieve gas! Here’s an activated charcoal product that I think is AWESOME, not only because it’s vegan but also contains organic coconut in GM-free capsules.

Coconut is amazing for so many things and this particular product is specifically advertised for GAS & BLOATING. I highly recommend this product from own experience to help solve the buildup of whatever the gas is causing in the first place – and it’s Jini approved too!

Charcoal binds to things in the GI that the body doesn’t absorb. Because of this bond, it could pull out the trapped material that might be causing the gas in the first place. A good little toxin cleaner if you ask me!

# 4: colon massage

Jini has an instructional video on how to do a colon massage on yourself and I personally LOVE doing abdominal massages when I am in pain. This massage can help with so many different things, but gas is high on the list. This light pressure can help with any restrictions that may arise, help with blockages and simply get things “moving” again.

# 5: probiotics

I’m not sure if our reader is supplementing with probiotics, but probiotics help by balancing the intestinal flora and thus reducing gas, gas, etc.

Jini says the basic treatment for gas and gas relief is a probiotic supplement, and that sometimes high-dose probiotics alone can relieve gas in just a week. However, this depends heavily on the condition of your intestinal flora and on whether or not you have inflammation of the intestine or ulcers – which can then take significantly longer.

Currently, Jini only recommends Natren brand probiotics as they are the only company they know about guarantees a LIVE number of bacteria species until the expiry date – not just at the time of manufacture!

If you decide to use activated charcoal and probiotics, they should be taken separately (at least 2 hours apart) and both on an empty stomach. And of course the binding agent has to be taken with a lot of water!

An easy way to do this is to take my probiotics right after you wake up. It has been 2 hours by the time I finish breakfast, so on an empty stomach I can take a folder, wait a while, and then be ready for lunch! Feel free to do this however you want, and here is a great place to start when figuring out which probiotics are best for you and how to take them!

Also watch Jini’s video with Dr. Juliet offers a short guided meditation on the Migrating Motor Complex PLUS to help you get in touch with the microbes in your gut. We recommend!

# 6: Coping with Stress and Anxiety

Did you know that stress and anxiety can actually cause gas pockets and pain? The Calm Clinic has a great blog post that breaks down the relationship between anxiety and gas problems. The swallowing of air happens quite often during anxiety attacks as well as during hyperventilating, and once inside your body this built-up pressure needs to be released – what causes gas!

Stress / anxiety can prevent our bodies from processing food effectively, causing the food to move through your system too slowly. This can cause the bacteria to build up in your body, producing excess gas and bloating.

In many of my blogs and videos, I emphasize the need to consume your food in a safe environment. Therefore I would also ask our reader the following question:

What happened in your life when you consumed these foods that caused a reaction?
What surroundings did you eat in?

Even if you eat the right things but eat them in an unsafe and toxic environment, your body can still process them incorrectly …

But you don’t have to worry if stress and anxiety are the main gas issues because Jini has a brilliant tool for that – lazer tapping! You can join her for a free session on, and there is one free session in particular that I think will be the most helpful in this case: letting go of emotions in the gut.

This is a great place to start if you want to find out the root problems of your gas and boating, as well as what your body is trying to tell you through these symptoms.

Additional resources

Thank you for spending this time with me today! I hope that all of this information that I have shared can be an enrichment for you on your path to healing.

But before I leave you, I also added a great blog post from Jini with details on a low residue diet so you can try incorporating these foods specifically to help relieve symptoms.

Until next time, happy healing – and always listen to your gut feeling!

Linsy is Jini’s assistant. From a highly sensitive / reactive case of ulcerative colitis to complete freedom from medication and surgery with exclusively natural methods, Linsy understands the interplay of mind / body / soul on the healing path firsthand.

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