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Healthy gluten-free grill menu

Just thinking about warm weather, I want to plan a healthy gluten-free grill.

Pulling out my recipes for grilling steak, chicken, vegetables, and all the fixins reminds me of long summer days eating healthy food with family and friends.

Healthy gluten-free grill menu

My healthy gluten-free grill menu also features amazing summer salads, homemade lemonade, and gluten-free ice cream sandwich recipes. Read on for more!


My boys got a grill smoker when they were stuck at home during quarantine and it was the cutest thing to see them get up so early to smoke meat for our dinner!

Grill meat

Whether you’re grilling pork chops, grilling shrimp, or grilling fish, you can’t go wrong.

Meat temperature guidePrint diagram

Meat temperature diagram

Not sure what temperature to see on your meat thermometer?

I made this handy chart to help as I would ask the boys the same thing every night that we grilled chicken, salmon, shrimp, or steak – these are my favorites. You can print the diagram here.

Black Smoke BBQ

Adrian Miller’s Black Smoke sheds light on an important piece of the American culinary history puzzle. If you love barbecuing, you will love this book.

Grilling or grilling or grilling?

Do you write it barbecue, barbeque or do you use the abbreviated BBQ? I am a fan of BBQ.

According to Miller, the word “barbecue” is an adjective, noun, verb, and way of life!

What is grilling?

But what is grilling? Miller, one of my favorite cultural and culinary historians, states that the origins of grilling are cooking techniques rooted in the culinary tradition of Native American people prior to European contact.

Native American Origins of BBQ

Enslaved African Americans took what they learned from Native Americans to become “the foremost experts and ambassadors of barbecuing” in the US and later around the world.

The word barbecue is derived from barbacoa, a sixteenth-century general-purpose term that refers to anything from a bed to a table, platform, or grill. “After all, the Spaniards used barbacoa as a generic term for the cooking apparatus, the cooking process and the type of meat cooked in this way.”

Miller goes on to say that “the English followed suit with this linguistic promiscuity”.

Before we move on to the grill recipes, let me tell you this book is a must have.

BBQ food for backyard BBQ

Below you will find the perfect barbecue menu for your garden barbecue party.

Paleo Flavored Nuts

spicy nuts

Would you like to add a little more flavor to your grill menu? My spiced nuts are the perfect snack for grilling.

Barbecue kale chips

BBQ kale chips

BBQ kale chips made with my favorite store-bought grill are a delicious side of your grill and the perfect vegan snack.

Spicy Chicken with Grilled Lime Recipe

Spicy grilled chicken with limes

I love grilled chicken recipes. Grilling chicken thighs has never been easier with my Spicy Grilled Chicken with Lime Recipe.

Mustard, lime and chicken recipeMustard Lime BBQ Chicken

I absolutely love this mustard lime BBQ chicken recipe, and so will you.

If you need a grilled chicken recipe but can’t grill, my mustard lime oven grilled chicken is perfect for you! No reason why you can’t cook grilled chicken in the oven!

grate homemade steak

Grilled steak

There’s nothing like grilled steak, right ?!

Grate steak

And you can’t go wrong with grilled steak if I rub my steak with garlic and onion powder, as well as salt and pepper.

Paleo BBQ Sauce Recipe

Barbecue sauce

Looking for the perfect recipe for a gluten-free BBQ sauce? Try my homemade BBQ sauce with tomato paste, orange juice, mustard, smoked paprika and much more.

Grilled Salmon by Paleo Cooking Elana’s Pantry is perfect in the oven, but you can put a little oil on the bottom of the fish and throw it right on the grill like we did. Grilling salmon couldn’t be easier.

Asparagus and basil salad

Asparagus salad with basil

This asparagus salad with basil is one of my favorite healthy summer salads. Made from asparagus, cherry tomatoes, avocado, basil and a mustard vinaigrette, this is a long-running favorite on my grill menu. spicy coleslaw

Coleslaw recipe

You can’t grill without coleslaw, can you? My coleslaw is so colorful and fun and delicious on homemade burgers.

No potato salad

No potato salad recipe

Another barbecue staple, potato salad, is heavy on those on a low-carb diet. My No Potato Salad is the answer, and all diners will love it!

simple fruit salad

Simple fruit salad

Fruit salad is so simple and beautiful that a bowl of nature’s sweets will always be a delicious addition to your grill menu.

Ice cream sandwich

Ice cream sandwiches

Now to my favorite part of grilling, the gluten-free dessert! No BBQ is complete without my ice cream sandwiches.

Low-carb strawberry lemonade

Homemade strawberry lemonade recipe

On a hot day, there is nothing more refreshing than a glass of lemonade. Both my strawberry lemonade and the original lemonade are fantastic choices for your grill.

Simple grill recipes

In addition to great grilled meat, I’ve added spiced nuts, kale chips, and more recipes to add a big wow factor to your grill menu. What is your favorite barbecue item?

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