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Natural easy makeup ideas

Ok, I don’t want to sound like a cranky woman when it comes to natural easy makeup ideas, but I have a question.

Why do people spend so much time and money preparing and eating organic foods while using toxic chemicals from head to toe as part of their personal hygiene?

Healthy makeup to avoid endocrine disorders

I keep seeing this, men and women smeared with conventional makeup, lotion, sunscreen and other personal care products.

The worst ever? Cologne and perfume, completely unnecessary items that pollute the air and poison the endocrine system.

Ok, now that this is out of the way, let’s move on to the fun stuff!

Natural easy makeup ideas

I don’t wear makeup often, but when I do I am usually asked which one I am using.

Everyone assumes I am using the cleanest products available and they are right.

Natural looking makeup

I don’t particularly like applying makeup, so I keep my makeup routine incredibly short and sweet and only use non-toxic natural products.

With my instructions, you can look your best with healthy, natural-looking makeup

I want to help you do this with as little effort and chemicals as possible. Here’s a look at all of my healthy natural beauty secrets!

Make-up tutorial

Hope you find my simple makeup tutorial below super helpful.

Makeup tutorial for beginners

Natural makeup juice beautyBasic moisturizer natural

I like Juice Beauty Mineral Moisturizer (sand) because it is oily and I have very dry skin. It’s also fantastic because it has SPF 30, great for protecting my middle aged skin from our harsh mountain sun rays.

If you need more information on sunscreen products, take a look at my post on Safer Sunscreen.

Back when I needed a more finished look for TV, I applied Alchemy Foundation Powder.

Natural makeup RMS concealer

Concealer application under the eyes

Next, when I get really greedy, I dab a bit of this RMS Concealer (color 11) under my eyes to minimize the appearance of dark circles, although I find that on a strict keto diet I don’t required to use it as the dark circles disappear.

Triangular spongesI use triangular sponges to spread the concealer and rinse them out with soap and hot water after each use to extend their lifespan.

Natural makeup Jane Iredale Blsh

Natural blush on the cheeks

Then I use this brush to apply my favorite Jane Iredale Blush in Dubonnet and then blend it with a cute little kabuki brush.

Natural makeup eyes

Natural makeup Jane Iredale eyeshadow

Apply eyeliner

When I apply eyeliner, I do it right above the lash line, which I think is a very cool sixties look.

I use this Black-Brown Jane Iredale Eyeliner Pencil which works well on my darker hair and olive skin tone.

When I apply eyeliner, I sometimes use eyeshadow and an eyeliner brush instead of a pencil.

It’s a duller and softer look that I love, and I use one of the colors from my Jane Iredale Eye Shadow Trio in Triple Cognac.

My favorite eye pencil sharpener is great for sharpening when my eyeliner pencils get dull.

Natural makeup Jane Iredale Lid Primer

Natural primer for makeup for eyelids

As an eyeshadow base, I apply this Jane Iredale Lid Primer in Petal, which is such a beautiful color.

This natural eyelid foundation is a great moisturizer and a great canvas for applying a light touch of natural eyeshadow.

Natural makeup Jane Iredale Gold Shimmer Dust

Neutral eye shadow look

I probably have more eye shadow in my makeup drawer than any other makeup product.

I love the very natural tones in these eyeshadows that make my eyes stand out:

Natural makeup Jane Iredale Longest Lash Thickening Mascara

Best mascara for lengthening

Finally, I just apply a touch of mascara to my upper lashes.

It doesn’t take much, because my eyelashes are naturally dark and dense and I like to keep my look subtle and simply highlight my facial features.

I wear Jane Iredale Longest Lash Thickening and Lengthening Mascara in Espresso. Be careful with mascara, as many contain wheat or gluten.

I don’t apply mascara to my lower lashes.

First, because I think it looks a bit weird on me, and second, because I usually get it all over my face within ten minutes. I don’t want to look like a raccoon!

I use organic cotton swabs to freshen up my eye make-up.

Natural makeup Buxom

Face makeup for the lips

As a final touch, I apply a smooth layer of lip gloss.

For me, lip gloss can also be an everyday product that is moisturizing and beautiful. Here are my favorites:

For a clear shine, I use my homemade Vanilla Butter Lip Balm pictured below.

This is a super fun project that your elementary school kids can help you with!

homemade lip balm

Easy makeup ideas

Hope you enjoyed this BTS sneak peak into my easy makeup ideas routine. Now for some organizational tips.

Makeup headband

I love wearing a makeup headband to keep the hair off my face and out of my eyes while I do my makeup.

I also use it every night when I wash my face, which I now do with jojoba oil as my skin is dry and aging.

Make-up storage for drawers

If your looking for makeup storage for drawers, look no further!

These adorable bamboo containers are the best!

I keep all of my makeup tidy and organized in a drawer in the bathroom with them.

Natural makeup ptouch

P touch tape for labeling

I use a p-touch to write the date on my make-up in an inconspicuous place. This is how I know how old products are.

I try to replace items once a year but often end up using things for over two years.

Beauty tips women

Makeup is a very small part of my beauty routine.

For me, a good night’s sleep is much more important than any product that money can buy.

Gentle exercise and a clean diet are also at the top of my beauty tip list.

Since I don’t like wearing makeup, I don’t own a lot of it, and all of the makeup you see in the photo above is all of my makeup.

I’d rather spend money on good organic food than on extra eyeshadow colors. I am also a minimalist and believe that less is more!

If you see pictures of me training in the gym on Instagram, my face is completely free of any products.

I won’t wear makeup when I work out because it clogs my pores and doesn’t properly detoxify me by sweating properly!

Homemade deodorant without baking powder

When I work up a storm in a sweat, I really enjoy using this deodorant.

Safe sun protection

Safe sun protection

I’m a huge fan of sunscreen as we live at high altitude in the Colorado mountains.

When I walk or hike outdoors, I wear Think Baby to protect my skin from sun damage.

Check out my post on Safe Sunscreen to see how I keep my skin healthy and protect it from the sun.

safer skin care

Skin cancer checks

An important part of my health and beauty care is going to the dermatologist for skin cancer checkups every year.

BRCA genetic testing and early detection of skin cancer

Since undergoing a BRCA genetic test and finding out that I have the BRCA mutation, I’ve become even more careful about protecting my skin.

Why? Because this mutation leads to an increased risk of skin cancer.

Clean skin care brands

I have not yet been to a cosmetic dermatologist and have never had botox or fillers, but I wouldn’t judge people who use methods other than me to look and feel good.

Benefits of Facials

I get a facial a couple of times a year and only go to spas that use natural products from skin care lines like Naturopathica, which are very pure.

I am also sure of using clean skin care brands in my daily routine.

Natural makeup styles

Bottom line? I believe that doing your best will make you feel best, and I use makeup as a tool to enhance my facial features, not to cover up anything.

Clean makeup styles

Clean makeup is always in vogue for me – what’s your favorite makeup or thing about it? Leave a comment and let me know 💄.

This post is an oldie but goodie from the archives, I first published Natural Easy Makeup Ideas in 2016.

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