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The best keto raspberry lemonade muffin recipe

I’ve tested this keto raspberry lemonade muffin recipe almost a dozen times. That’s because I had to make sure it was perfect for you.

You were so cute on Instagram. I love how you cheered me on with your encouraging comments there!

The best keto raspberry lemonade muffin recipe

Those of you who have followed me here for some time know that this is how I am. I am very obsessed with testing recipes for you.

Fans say this is why my simple low-carb recipes work every time.

Easy muffin recipe

Now I have the perfect keto raspberry lemonade muffin recipe for you, and it consists of eight ingredients in total.

Simple Keto Diet Recipes

I love creating healthy recipes for you. And making my healthy recipes as simple as possible is a standard part of my testing process.

How does that happen I eliminate as many steps as possible while creating the best flavor profile for you with the most nutritious ingredients.

Almond flour muffins

Keto Muffin Recipe

The perfect example of this is my recipe for keto almond flour muffins with a total of five ingredients. These healthy muffins are a staple in our home.

Keto Muffin Flavors

Readers tell me that they love to spice up my almond flour muffins with various add-ins.

You could make blueberry muffins, banana muffins, chocolate chip muffins, or whatever your heart desires! I love it when you leave comments to let me know what you messed up with.

Gluten-free almond flour cookbook

Gluten free cookbook

When it comes to the keto diet and Elana’s pantry, it all started with my low-carb almond flour recipes.

I created this blog in 2006, it was one of the first gluten-free food blogs. After that, I wrote my first book, the Gluten Free Almond Flour Cookbook, to share my healthy recipes with you!

Low-carb gluten-free recipes

Eliminating wheat flour as well as high-carb gluten-free ingredients like rice flour was so important.

It was critical to developing my healthy low carbohydrate recipes and one of the keys to improving my health.

Sugar free low carb muffin recipe

Fast forward to my low-carb recipes and those keto muffins made from almond flour.

This keto muffin recipe makes a great low carb breakfast – they’re amazingly cut in half, toasted, and smothered in ghee.

My keto muffins are also a fabulous take away keto snack. Back when he was working in an office, I loved wrapping this up as a healthy treat for Mr. Pantry.

Stevia the best keto sweetener

Sweetened with stevia, my favorite keto sweetener, and flavored with raspberries and lemon peel, this incredible almond flour keto muffin recipe is one of our favorites.

How to make keto muffins from scratch

You can toggle my healthy Keto Raspberry Muffin Recipe in under five minutes! Are there days when you crave the scented aroma of homemade muffins?

Simple keto raspberry lemonade muffins are the answer to your low-carb baking prayers and just one of my awesome almond flour recipes.

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