The power to keep it simple

I learned an important lesson from 2020 – happiness and health do not must be complicated.

With the limitations of covid-19, I’ve noticed how much my time has been overtaken by useless “stuff”. In retrospect, I saw how I thought over and overcomplicated my days.

After more than 10 years in the world of natural health care, I can definitely say that the path to good health and happiness is easy. Not always “easy”, however easy.

When it comes to health, the most important thing is always to get back to basics:

  1. Focus on your breath
  2. move enough and rest enough
  3. eat well and enjoy when you don’t eat well
  4. stay hydrated
  5. Focus on the friendships and relationships that bring you joy and anchor you
  6. Ask for help when you need it

And yes, all of this can feel boring at times! Or as if you are not “doing enough”. They’re not as sexy or cool as the latest fad or trend.

The basics will never let you down. They may not give you all the answers on different challenges, but they will always support you and help you find more ease along the way.

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