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If the past year has taught us something, we can tackle whatever comes our way! We faced the post-holiday slump (there’s no time for Blue Monday here) and whether or not you’ve had a Valentine’s Day love this year, it’s time to put your head in the game and think of YOU.

Yes that’s right, push the chocolate aside (maybe later!), It’s time to fall in love with yourself and your fitness goals again.

Finding motivation can be difficult – especially when it’s cold outside – but even the most avid athletes can find themselves in an exercise slump!

We set the date – it’s just you, movement and that butterfly feeling! So grab your favorite sportswear, let go of the cheesy music and let’s get stuck.

Why take care of yourself first

The whole world is in a pretty tough spot right now, which makes it difficult to see friends and family, focus on work, and find the motivation to do the smallest of things. With limitations still in place for many of us, the gym was our escape!

So what do you do when you don’t come to the gym? Take care of yourself and of course motivate yourself in other ways!

Self-care should be at the top of your to-do list now, whether you need more time in the morning for the perfect coffee or resign yourself to a good book. Staying sane can very much depend on how much we listen to our bodies. When you feel run down, take the bubble bath on the go and treat yourself to a glass of wine. Because why not?

Besides making your bathtub bubbly, exercise can be a great escape from our everyday stresses. Who needs equipment with so many bodyweight exercises?

Our top 5 tips to fall in love with movement again

Establishing a real connection with exercise will keep you interested in the long run without leaving the couch. When you get going, you will be excited about your next workout and will feel compelled to start a new exercise routine.

1. Make fun the most important factor

Of course, if your exercise program is as boring as an unnecessary zoom call, you won’t want it! And believe me, I’ve postponed this as much as possible.

If you enjoy exercising, the post-workout burn is so worth it. So if you find that your typical jog is a little boring, mix things up. If you feel like burying yourself on the couch at the thought of swinging a kettlebell, try a (initially virtual!) Dance class, yoga or Pilates.

There’s more to training than counting reps. So try to have fun while exercising. Try Zumba when outdoor classes or fitness sessions come back up.

Shake That Booty!

2. Set goals and celebrate

Don’t be too hard on yourself when it comes to setting goals. By keeping things simple and setting achievable goals, you can celebrate victories along the way! Sure, you might have your eyes set on this little black dress, but don’t work to the bone to achieve it.

When you have a goal to work towards, you have a reason to exercise – rather than postpone your exercise for another day. No matter what it is – set a goal – any goal. The smaller goals along the way to achieving big goals can make you want to exercise over the long term.

3. Be open to learning new things on a regular basis

When you’re starting to fall in love with your goals (and the process to get there!), Creating a regular routine can mean the difference between slacking off and success.

Once your routine becomes a part of your daily life – a bit like the morning brew! – You’ll soon wonder what you’ve ever done without it.

Think of your goals a bit like your weekly meals. If you’ve eaten the same thing over and over again, you will be bored in no time. Be open to new workouts, new challenges, and new personal bests. Do you need a little inspiration?

Try our workouts that you can do anywhere without equipment.

4. Get involved in your new love

Engaging in sport is more than just buying a new pair of trainers – although we wouldn’t be judging you otherwise! While the gyms are closed we’ve all lost a little motivation here and there, but investing in your health doesn’t have to break the bank.

Try fitness apps that will help you keep track of your game while your gym membership is on hold. Whether you’ve just started running (see Couch to 5k) or looking for a personal trainer in your pocket, there are so many to explore.

The majority are free or have free trials too so you can find out what works best for you before you commit yourself financially.

If you’re missing some of the basics to get started (comfy gym leggings, sneakers that won’t keep your feet off), it’s time to shop online! A little overhaul to your fitness equipment can be all you need to run out the door or work out at home.

5. Give yourself a break

Although it feels like we’ve just been laying on the couch lately, it’s easy to forget to rest while keeping moving. Rest days allow your body to repair itself and allow your muscles to adapt and get stronger.

Getting enough rest is also vital to maintaining your exercise goals! If you work too hard, you will quickly burn out and dread putting on those sneakers for a run outside.

Once you understand the reason you lack that urge to exercise, you will be less likely to beat yourself up if you skip a day. Your body also needs a break. Saying that you can’t bother is not an excuse (sorry) – it’s time to get the adrenaline pumping.

Just start, you are one step further than yesterday

Maybe you gained a few pounds over the holiday season – so what. You realized you fell in love with your goals and are making a change! That’s all that matters here. Do your mission in your first week to stick to your new routine and establish new healthy habits.

Changing a habit is not an easy task. So give yourself a break, you are on your way up. Preparation is everything, whether it is preparing meals or simply throwing your exercise gear in a bag ready for those sweats after work.

When you’re feeling really organized, block slots on your calendar to exercise. If it’s there in black and white, it will happen! After your first week, review what you’ve achieved so far and set yourself achievable goals for the week ahead.

A friend once told me that she pinned her target outfit on her wall for inspiration – so easy do you!

And if you need a little help on the go …

Find your tribe! When you are surrounded by positive, like-minded people, you are destined to be successful. Whether you have a potential workout partner at home or a buddy to run with, support is everything.

Join social media groups and support other women in achieving their goals! And of course, if you need help on your trip, our blog is always there to provide advice and motivation.

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