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2 women cure their fibromyalgia and other health problems

Interestingly, in one of those YouTube twists of “How did I get here?” I came across both videos that told the visually beautiful stories of women whose bodies and nervous systems were simply turned off. Both had versions of fibromyalgia and other debilitating health problems.

If you’re watching this first video, I want you to think about the interplay of mind, body and spirit:

While I’ve already written about the gut microbiome playing a huge role in conditions like fibromyalgia, I love how these two videos highlight the importance of your mental / emotional health.

It is actually ridiculous that we would expect our physical body to be healthy when our mental body, emotional body, and spiritual body are all out of whack (sick)!

Where does your own soul call you to greater authenticity with WHO YOU ARE?

When you take away all of your obligations, relationships, jobs, responsibilities … what is the essence of you?

What does your soul long to create in this world?

What makes your heart sing

If you can’t answer these questions, then the BIGGEST actions you can take today are to improve your health and advance your healing journey.

What is the ONE thing you can change TODAY?
begin to live / his / breathe
more of YOU in the world?

Here I do my thing:

Which one is yours


Jini Patel Thompson is an internationally recognized expert in natural digestive disease healing. She healed herself from widespread Crohn’s disease and has been drug and surgery free for over 20 years. Jini has appeared on numerous podcast, television and radio shows in the US, UK, Canada and Australia, giving people hope and vision on how to cure their Colitis, Crohns, Diverticulitis and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) in all natural methods . Her books on natural digestive disease cures have been sold in over 80 countries around the world.

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