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6 simple habits to help you lose weight

Let’s face it, losing weight can be hard work. But as with anything, there are ways to make things a little easier.

The decision to lose weight doesn’t mean making some crazy changes overnight!

Once you have your weight loss routine in place, you will wonder what you have ever done without these little, simple habits.

So let’s get started!

1. Drink more water

Water is good for the mind and body, but many of us ignore it (unless it’s in coffee!). Try adding more water to your morning routine instead of reaching for sodas, energy drinks, and tea / coffee.

Start your morning with a glass or two of water and increase your weight loss with minimal effort. Yes that’s right! Water can aid your weight loss goals.

Drinking a few glasses of water every morning will only take a few minutes and it can greatly improve your weight loss, skin, and overall health.

One study showed that when participants drank 16.9 ounces of fluid daily, that increase resulted in a 30% increase in metabolic rate. So get the water ladies!

Whether you’re taking a reusable mug to work or just refilling a glass at home, drinking water can also curb the urge for snacks. We often mistake hunger for thirst. So before you browse the cabinets, treat yourself to the water!

2. Get lots of quality sleep

A lack of quality of sleep can lead to more than just a grumpy mood. A lack of energy can lead to sluggishness and often poor eating habits. When we’re tired and feeling lazy, the last thing that comes to mind is choosing healthy foods!

It’s also incredibly tempting to reach for sugary, processed snacks when we can’t really make the effort to do something that aligns with our weight loss goals.

And I totally understand! But getting enough sleep is important for your body and mind. When you wake up energized, you are ready to tackle the next day.

Studies have shown that when you sleep less, you are more likely to burn more calories. Not getting enough sleep is a bit of a dreaded hangover, we just want to sit down and have a snack!

To maximize your weight loss, go to bed early and avoid looking at your cell phone. Try reading extra downtime or reading audiobooks before bed.

3. Start your morning with exercise

A good healthy habit for losing weight is to start the morning with some exercise! After a good night’s sleep, you can quickly exercise.

With plenty of exercises to do at home without any equipment, you don’t even have to leave your home – so no excuses ladies!

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If you really don’t have time in the morning, try to schedule an hour for training in the evening. Not only will this help you keep moving after an undoubtedly long day at work, but it will also help you build up an appetite!

If you make up your mind to be refreshed and ready to exercise first, exercising in the morning has been shown to keep your blood sugar levels constant for the rest of the day. Bonus!

4. Keep moving, ladies!

Habits to lose weight

When you have to sit at your desk all day, it’s easy to tell that the only movement you make is the daily route to and from your car! But it doesn’t have to be that way.

One of the best habits to lose weight is to make sure you keep moving throughout the day. Whether you are drinking a glass of water in the kitchen (no soda!) Or rather taking the stairs than the elevator, take that step up!

You may think, “I’m taking lots of steps!” But when a fitness tracker gets you moving, you’ll see how much time you end up spending sitting down.

Another good habit to include in your daily weight loss routine is drinking from a small glass or mug. So you need to move more to fill them up!

5. Set positive daily reminders

Whether it’s positive confirmations on your desk or daily notifications on your phone, having a daily reminder can really benefit your weight loss routine.

By surrounding yourself with positive people and messages, it is much easier to keep that drive going towards your weight loss goals.

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There are plenty of apps out there that will help you set reminders and keep your mind and body focused on these healthy habits!

Planning ahead can make a huge difference to the way you think, whether it’s your weekly meals or when you want to exercise. Set daily reminders to focus on achieving these goals. Get her!

6. Start your morning with Zotrim

Zotrim is completely straightforward, easy to take, and 100% natural. Just take two to three tablets with water a few minutes before each meal – done!

Our powerful, proven formula quickly reduces your appetite and controls your cravings so you can get on with your day and get closer to your weight loss goals.

The herbal ingredients in Zotrim are scientifically based and give you complete control over your weight loss. As they are added to your daily routine you will wonder what you have ever done without them. Start your journey with us today!

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