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Are Emotional Reactions Causing Your Symptoms?

Are you having trouble taking certain supplements or trying certain treatments because you get a negative reaction no matter what you do?

You know your body needs this modality, but for some reason you can’t tolerate it …

I know from my own experience how frustrating this can be, so today I want to help bring your focus to WHY this can happen – and you guessed it … it has to do with our emotions!

The emotional component of the symptoms

I recently shared a question-and-answer video from a reader who was bloated from using binders:

In this video I have discussed 7 tips / scenarios that can happen to the reader who wrote, as well as some solutions that they could try. One of those tips is what I’m going to expand on today.

Tip # 5 was how the mind / body can play a role negative reactions and reactions we receive from supplements and / or treatments. This opened up a deeper explanation on the subject as it can apply to any response – not just bloating when tying up!

When you look at this, it’s great to ask yourself first:

Is there an emotional component of this response that could be contributing to these symptoms?

You can sit still while experiencing the symptom and ponder this question. Do not try to urge anything or any answer, but ask gently and listen to your intuition.

I recently did this with a particularly strange symptom that I experienced while consuming a particular product. I knew that I was not allergic and that my body didn’t refuse it for physical reasons, and I knew that it wouldn’t be bad for my body in any way for having eaten it before – which is important to Determine this taking into account these mind-body principles.

So I decided to research this chronic response. I started by knocking and just sitting with the pain / symptom while gently asking my body (and intuition) what was going on.

While I sat with the discomfort, I did not try to push it away. I leaned over and listened, realizing that my body wanted to keep this pain because it felt guilty about itself. It felt like some kind of punishment was needed in relation to a recent situation – which wasn’t even my fault!

My body was actually rejecting health and wanted to maintain these symptoms while rejecting everything I tried to solve this health problem. This insight was amazing because I had an inkling that something like this was happening! The cool thing, as Jini says, was when you get the news you can start letting go of the symptoms.

Now that I had this insight from my gut, I knew how to control the situation so that my body could handle it and still be happy. And of course I also guessed the emotional component that this symptom carries!

So here’s the breakdown …

emotionallyAny reaction we have to a supplement and / or treatment could have an emotional component as we are actually associating this healing method with a trauma that we have experienced. This could be a smell, sound, or sensation from this treatment or supplement that can cause us to return to our trauma state – and then we have a “reaction”.

However, this reaction is not due to the healing method, but rather our body reacts to the traumacausing a physical reaction! This could be because we felt insecure (like having a traumatic experience) that our body is calling this modality, addition, or treatment (whatever it is!) Insecure.

Insecurity is a feeling that can really harm our body. “Not feeling safe” is a huge underlying problem in many autoimmune diseases, and Jini has written and spoken about it countless times!

So creating a safer space within us and our surroundings can help while we are performing these treatments. It is important to reassure our body that its method of healing is designed to help, not to hurt, and to remind us that we are safe.

Something that has personally helped me when I have experienced emotional reactions like these is to remember the following:

The situation may feel similar to ______, but it’s not the same. I am not in this trauma again right now!

Child vs. adult I.

This video of Jini also helped me a lot during my healing and I heard it A LOT.

Now you may be wondering why the “inner child (me)” and the “adult (me)” matter when it comes to this type of trauma? As I mentioned earlier, we can find ourselves in the past. It could be something that happened two weeks ago or thirty years ago! But either way, if we’re stuck in the past, it’s not good for us, our bodies, or true, permanent healing!

In this diagram from CBT LA we see the connection of thoughts, feelings and behaviors. These “behaviors” can also be viewed as negative reactions or reactions we receive when we associate a modality with a traumatic experience. Connect them all! All of the thoughts we have create emotions and then physical reactions.

Feeling: I was scared when _____ happened
Emotion: I am scared NOW while taking this supplement / treatment / etc.
Physical reaction: Refuse / respond to supplement / treatment

The beauty of this is that since everything is interconnected, once we get to the basic problem we can start transforming and freeing the things that hold us captive – which I did by knocking!

How can you find out the emotional component?

It can be difficult to do this on your own so don’t worry! Jini created her groundbreaking healing course for our LTYG readers as well as others struggling with chronic health problems, disempowerment, lack of abundance, unsupportive relationships, and boring life. Because our unresolved / unhealed manure is holding us back!

Jini’s tapping sessions are designed to aid both those new to tapping and those who have some experience with this powerful healing tool. If you are able to find the root cause of your problems, as I could, not only can relief be possible … but a great way to get to know your body too! Rely on your gut wisdom and listen to your gut feeling. 🙂

I highly recommend you visit so you can begin this journey as it was not only the cornerstone of Jini’s healing, but mine too!

Join a FREE session with Jini today – you can choose from:

  • Strengthen self-confidence, let go of “I’m not ____ enough”
  • Learn to feel good about saying “no” and setting healthy boundaries
  • Let go of emotions in your gut that are causing physical symptoms

Or you can check out the individual tapping sessions and guided meditations we offer which are AWESOME.

Thank you for joining me today and I hope this information has been helpful and / or resonated with you all. The amount of comments, questions, and kind words I’ve received from the LTYG community since I started here has been tremendous and I’m so grateful to be a part of it!

If you have any questions or topics you’d like me to address, please leave a comment below and let me know! Until next time – happy healing and remember to always listen to your gut instinct.

Linsy is Jini’s assistant. From a highly sensitive / reactive case of ulcerative colitis to complete freedom from medication and surgery using exclusively natural methods, Linsy understands the interplay of mind / body / soul on the healing path firsthand.

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