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Help! What should I do if I have eaten something bad?

You ate something and it just didn’t sit well … or worse, it made you sick.

We all experience those moments when we eat something and afterwards we can simply say that something is just not sitting right. Food poisoning is not a joke, however especially for IBD patients (or people with bowel problems) The panic that arises after eating something bad is REAL! If we already have tender bellies, the last thing we need to eat is bad food to end our day.

Today I want to share with you some tips that have helped me detox during times when I accidentally ate something bad. This is part 1 of a total of 3 videos, so look forward to 2 more!

2:46 – Tip 1: Increase Your Probiotics
All about probiotics
4:18 – Tip 2: Bentonite clay or activated charcoal
The advantages of “binders”
5:53 – Tip 3: BCPH shake (bentonite clay flea seed shell shake)
8:05 – BCPH shake recipe
Jini’s Gut Infection eBook

When symptoms start, our minds race with thoughts like:

  • Will this cause a flicker?
  • What do I do now that what I ate was bad?
  • Will this affect my healing journey and hinder my progress?

What should you do in these situations? You have come to the right place at Listen to Your Gut. From 2 intestinal health experts and their experience, we have ALL the tips you need!

All of these suggestions have been tried and tested by myself and many others. These tips can alleviate the negative symptoms that come from eating something bad and proactively treat your colon so it doesn’t cause future problems / flares. A bad meal shouldn’t mean months of pain!

Tip 1: increase your probiotics

This can REALLY help calm things down. Getting more “good guys” or good bacteria into your gut is important to make up for the bad bacteria left behind as a result of bad eating.

Whenever I’ve had a sensitive belly day from eating bad food, too much fat, or too many feasts, I increase my probiotics – and I can literally feel them calm my GI almost instantly! These strong microorganisms can invade there and help bring your intestines back into balance.

If I do a 1x / day routine of probiotics and eat something bad, I toast it to 2x / day on an empty stomach 20 minutes before meals. Here is a probiotic cheat sheet that Jini created to help you choose the most suitable probiotic for you. I also highly recommend browsing the probiotics section of the blog here as you will find tons of valuable information about probiotics there too.

Tip 2: use bentonite clay or activated charcoal

What do these do and why are they so effective? Well, these products absorb toxins and contaminants!

They trap toxins and chemicals in the intestines and gently pull them out. The reason these are so effective is as follows When you eat something bad, you want to get it out quickly – but you want to do it safely without ulcers or strictures rupturing as you go through the system! This drag that comes from these products is effective in removing not only the food itself, but the bacteria and toxins around it as well.

I have more personal experience with bentonite clay, but activated carbon is an option too. This leads me to tip 3 and the way I personally used bentonite clay …

Tip 3: take a BCPH shake

This stands for bentonite clay and psyllium husk shake. It is These 2 ingredients combined these grab and pull toxins out of your body and do all the work for you! Jini says this can be a very gentle way to flush out and detoxify. She likes to use bentonite clay in combination with flea seeds, chia seeds or flax seeds.

It is recommended that you don’t consume anything 90 minutes before or after this shake, but when it comes to consuming something bad, I personally took it ASAP – then made sure I haven’t eaten after 90 minutes or more.

The recipe for a BCPH shake and further information on the advantages of binders can be found here.

This is part 1 of a total of 3 videos, so stay tuned for 2 more!

Linsy is Jini’s assistant. From a highly sensitive / reactive case of ulcerative colitis to a completely drug and surgery-free case using only natural methods, Linsy understands the interplay of mind / body / spirit on the healing journey firsthand.

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