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In this way you reduce the Herxheimer reaction and the sensitivity to detoxification

My assistant Linsy is known here as the Queen of Herx. This is because her healing journey involved sensitivity and massive responses to any type of anti-pathogen or detox agent that led to the Herxheimer reaction (pathogen death). In addition to her sensitivity, she had extensive food and environmental allergies. If all of this sounds familiar, you will likely learn a lot of helpful tips and tricks from my interview with Linsy below.

As someone who has gone down a difficult path to healing from IBD, Linsy is now colitis symptom free and her allergies and sinus problems are almost completely resolved. She also continues to follow some of the protocols in Lists To Your Gut; She takes ongoing healing supplements for her gut while being proactive on the mental / physical aspects of healing.

You can also download this as a podcast or listen to the audio here:


Jini Patel Thompson is an internationally recognized expert in natural digestive disease healing. She healed herself from widespread Crohn’s disease and has been drug and surgery free for over 20 years. Jini has appeared on numerous podcast, television and radio shows in the US, UK, Canada and Australia, giving people hope and vision on how to cure their Colitis, Crohns, Diverticulitis and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) in all natural methods . Her books on natural digestive disease cures have been sold in over 80 countries around the world.

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