Medical qigong

There are different types of qigong:

  • Medical Qigong focuses on the health and wellbeing of the body through Qi
  • Martial arts qigong focuses on defending the body through qi
  • Spiritual qigong focuses on spiritual expansion through cultivation of qi

Medical Qigong focuses on grasping, feeling, moving and directing Qi in order to improve and maintain your health. We use intention, movement, breath and sound to influence and control the energetic (qi) flow in the body. This process helps us improve immunity, get rid of disease, and strengthen the internal organ systems to keep us healthy and healthy.

Medical Qigong focuses on the following healing goals:

  1. Eliminate pathogenic factors like the penetration of cold, moisture, heat, dryness or from the environment or from the accumulation of negative emotions.
  2. Increase or decrease a person’s qi to counteract the deficiency or excessive conditions in the body
  3. Regulate and balance the energy of yin and yang to bring the body back into a state of inner harmony

There are different energy fields in the body – the physical body, the energetic body and the spiritual body. Qigong interacts with all of these fields to make someone healthy and healthy.

There are some experienced certified medical qigong therapists who are able to hear and interpret these subtle messages from within your energetic / spiritual body. If your medical qigong therapist can listen to and interpret these subtle messages, you can expect some pretty unique and personal recommendations. Often times, the information gives you some more personal insights to aid you on your journey.

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