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Mind / Body Technique to Avoid Colitis Flare – Lazer Tapping

Can lazer tapping help keep your disease from flaring up? This was a fantastic question I got from one of my Lazer Tapping class members and the answer is… YES. Absolutely! Torches are often associated with stress. Whatever your illness (whether it’s fibromyalgia, colitis, MS, lupus, etc.) – it will have a stress component!

In this video, I’ll be going over how lazer tapping can help prevent flare-ups, as well as other helpful tools that can help you manage that stress and really get to the root of what is actually causing you stress. You don’t want to miss this! 🙂

And if you haven’t already attended a FREE session, I highly recommend you do so! I created this course to teach you how to be your own healer. So you didn’t have to pay a therapist for a session every time something arises that needs to be healed. When I learned to tap I typed non-stop for 2 years and 15 years later it is still a cornerstone therapy for my excellent health and ability to thrive. Save the pros for the big things and learn how to heal your own pains, fears, fears, worries, etc. as they arise. Come and have a free session with me and see what you think!

Jini Patel Thompson is an internationally recognized expert in natural digestive disease healing. She healed herself from widespread Crohn’s disease and has been drug and surgery free for over 20 years. Jini has appeared on numerous podcast, television and radio shows in the US, UK, Canada and Australia, giving people hope and vision on how to cure their Colitis, Crohns, Diverticulitis and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) in all natural methods . Her books on natural digestive disease cures have been sold in over 80 countries around the world.

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