Spring is here

Spring is the birth time of nature, when greenery and novelty are abundant. It signals a six month period of daylight, the sun, and that Yang will dominate our lives here in the northern hemisphere. It is a time for new beginnings, reflection, new ideas and exciting plans as the energy builds up everywhere.

In Chinese medicine, the element associated with the source is wood. Known for its strength and flexibility, wood is associated with the color green. The wooden element stands for growth and vitality. Think of new plants thriving through the soil and baby sprouts in the garden. The energy opposite to the wood element is strong and powerful. When this energy is unbalanced in humans, frustration and anger can arise. However, when properly channeled the energy is associated with benevolence and helping others. The wooden element is associated with the wind (note how windy it has been in SF lately!) – it reflects the movement and change of the spring and the ability to break through and overcome obstacles.

Remember that food is medicine at any time of the year.
Eating fresh and seasonal produce at the local farmers market is ideal, with an emphasis on leafy greens, lettuce, sprouts and essential foods. These foods are associated with refreshing, cleansing, and rebuilding the body. Eating more green foods increases the absorption of chlorophyll into our systems and blood. This is extremely beneficial in oxygenating and purifying our blood, thereby reducing systemic inflammation. This can be achieved by taking a dietary supplement or simply by consuming more green foods.
So let’s celebrate this beautiful spring by hugging the wood element and its values! Here are some ideas for the transition:

  • * *Let go! Leave resentment or frustration behind and make a plan to start over.
  • * *Make a little noise Anger is the emotion of the unbalanced wood element; When properly channeled, it can be a force for change and transformation.
  • * *To grow! Plant some seeds or feel connected to nature’s cycles.
  • * *Choose! Make a plan and get started. The wooden element has a strong creative energy, so the paths chosen at this point are more likely to manifest themselves.
  • * *Clean! Make some dietary changes to support your liver and gallbladder, the organs of the wood element. Add more leafy greens and drink more liquids to help detoxify.
  • * *Heal! Acupuncture treatments are a great way to move stagnation around both physically and emotionally.

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