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What to Eat Before Exercise

No matter what type of exercise you do, there are a number of things you need to keep your body going. One of them is: fuel.

Yes, food! Knowing what to eat before a workout can be the deal breaker in training the muscles hard and helping to get the most out of each workout.

There are many pre-workout foods and pre-workout meals, although with so many aimed at men, it can be difficult to know what works for us women!

But don’t worry, we have the right pre-workout snacks to keep you fueled during your daily workout.

What should I eat before training?

Before we go to the gym, run a run, or do some bodyweight workout at home, our bodies need a certain amount of fuel. If you want to run to the ground (literally!) You need to have some food in the tank to keep going.

There are many different pre-workout foods that can help us prepare for the exercise ahead and get the maximum results from our workouts.

Although we all have different tastes, nutritional needs and needs, we have a good balance between pre-workout meals and pre-workout meals to keep you feeling full, and most importantly, full.

So what are the best pre-workout meals or pre-workout snacks? Let’s take a look.

1. Oats

Because oats are filled with fiber, they slowly release carbohydrates – which means you get constant energy throughout your workout. Oats aren’t a great energy or adrenaline rush, but rather a great pre-workout snack that will keep you working out longer.

With this pre-workout meal, you can also expect a daily dose of vitamin B, which will help convert carbohydrates into energy. Go for the least processed option of oats, which some consider Irish oats – but it’s absolutely your call!

Easy to prepare and store. Beat your oats in the refrigerator to keep them safe for your pre-workout snack.

2. bananas

When we talk about carbohydrates as pre-workout foods, remember that it has to be the right kind of carbohydrate! Filled with carbohydrates and potassium, bananas support your body’s muscle function and nervous system, and promote your exercise.

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Think of this simple pre-workout snack as powerful fuel for your body and mind!

In addition, no preparation is required. So if you’re wondering what to eat before a workout, you can just grab a banana on the go.

3. Whole wheat bread

While we would normally tell you to step away from that lovely bread, a slice of whole grain bread is a great source of carbohydrates as a pre-workout snack.

Add some hard-boiled eggs for good measure for an excellent dose of protein or even some grilled chicken. This is one of the best pre-workout meals and is super easy to make.

4. Nuts

While nuts can be high in fat, their high protein content also makes them great as a pre-workout snack. If you train hard and / or want to build muscle, you can intensify your training with the extra calories in a small trail mix!

If your main goal is weight loss, then you can simply skip this pre-workout snack because of the number of calories.

If you don’t have time to make your own, a trail mix is ​​a simple pre-workout snack to take with you on the go. Only avoid those with chocolate or yoghurt coatings!

5. Grilled chicken, sweet potato, and broccoli

Well I don’t know about you, but honestly this is the best pre-workout meal. This combo is an excellent source of energy and protein, especially if you train hard or practice circuits!

It’s no surprise that professional athletes regularly include this pre-workout meal in their routine. Delicious!

6. Dried berries and other fruits

Much like nuts, dried fruit is a no-fuss pre-workout meal that you can eat quickly and easily on the go.

While it may not be a full-blown pre-workout meal, this pre-workout snack is one of the easiest, most nutritious snacks to add to your workout. Not only are they a great source of carbohydrates, but they’re also easy to digest.

7. Greek yogurt and fruit

When it comes to the best pre-workout meals, this is definitely one of the top 3!

Not only is fruit filled with (good!) Carbohydrates, Greek yogurt also provides a dash of protein for your diet. Don’t be tempted to switch to regular yogurt, however, as Greek yogurt contains almost twice as much protein, half the sodium and fewer carbohydrates.

But why do they make such a delicious and pre-workout worthy combo?

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Well, the carbohydrates in fruits break down quickly, which allows you to exercise quickly, while the protein is stored for something later – which helps prevent muscle damage. Bonus!

Get the most out of your pre-workout food

How soon before your workout should you have your pre-workout snack or meal?

Aim for about 30 to 90 minutes before exercising so that you don’t feel bloated or feel sick.

Small pre-workout snack: You’re good at 30 minutes.

Full meal before training: Aim for the full 90 minutes before exercising.

Best pre-workout meals to meet your goals

We fully understand that not everyone has the same goals. For some, the goal is pure weight loss, while for others it might be to gain muscle.

Fortunately, we’ve put together the best pre-workout meals for all circumstances!

1. Build muscles

While we know that most women aren’t necessarily looking for hench, we can’t completely ignore the fact that some are looking to gain muscle!

In this case, look for pre-workout meals that can help you stay lean and gain muscle mass. This means that you eat the right foods before your workout that are not particularly difficult so that you can resume your workout shortly (about 90 minutes) afterwards.

For proper balance in your pre-workout meal, you should use equal parts carbohydrates and lean protein.

We have just the thing …

  • oatmeal
  • Chicken or turkey
  • Whey protein isolate
  • protein
  • Fruits including strawberries, oranges and apples
  • Brown rice
  • Wheat noodles

When it comes to the best pre-workout meals for building muscle, timing and portion control is everything! You need to strive for enough fuel for your muscles to grow and repair, while not eating too late and too much so that your food sits heavily in your stomach.

Combine these lean proteins with quickly digestible carbohydrates for the ultimate pre-workout meal before you work out.

2. Lose weight

To lose weight, you have to hit the sweet spot when it comes to having the best pre-workout meals and losing a few extra pounds!

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For this type of body goal, you need to eat enough during your pre-workout meal to get the fuel for the exercise ahead, but you don’t want to be consuming too many calories. The more you eat, the more you have to burn!

Instead, opt for a light pre-workout snack or pre-workout meal to get the maximum amount of energy into your body. The combination of complex carbohydrates and lean protein will help you lose weight and boost your workout.

Try the following:

  • fruit
  • Banana with Nut Butter – Almond butter is a great option
  • Hummus with multigrain crackers
  • ½ cup rice – opt for whole grains
  • ½ cup of oatmeal with berries or raisins
  • Apple with peanut butter or a small amount of nuts

3. Gain energy

When preparing your body for a workout, choosing the best pre-workout meal is critical to getting that much needed energy!

Get ready to push your body hard! To get the most out of your workout and pre-workout food, opt for complex carbohydrates that provide your body with extra energy before you workout:

  • Fruit smoothies
  • Yogurt parfaits with muesli / fruit
  • Bananas
  • Whole grain bread with a little lean meat
  • Chicken with rice and ve
  • Apples with peanut butter and raisins
  • Greek yogurt
  • oats

4. Women’s health

As women, we have unique health concerns that we always need to address. We don’t function the same way as men, which means we don’t usually burn as many calories a day. In addition, our training goals often differ!

We are talking less about Hulk Hogan’s power and more about toning our bodies and giving our best. So what are the best pre-workout meals for this job?

We have some that you will love:

  • ½ sweet potato
  • 1/2 cup of oatmeal with honey
  • Greek yogurt
  • Whole fruit
  • Fruit smoothies – opt for almond milk and low-calorie options
  • Whole grain bread with lean meat

Ready to Achieve Your Body Goals?

As we’ve covered, we all have different needs when it comes to pre-workout food and the fuel we need for our workouts!

With this guide, you will be well on your way to achieving those body goals and enjoying your ideal self. But of course, if you need a helping hand, why not give Zotrim a try?

Our carefully developed formula is 100% natural and safe and will help you curb these cravings and stick to your body goals! This will help you feel full longer, burn more calories, and enjoy your pre-workout meals. They know that you are still on the road to success!

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