A qigong experience to relieve stress and anxiety

I was trained in qigong at the College of Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine in Berkeley, CA. During my medical qigong training, each class included methods by which we learn to sense and evaluate qi and then work with it to direct healing. With each class something remarkable happened that drove me deeper and deeper to learn more about qigong. This incident dropped my mouth because it defied the medical logic I learned in nursing school.

Medical Qigong has protocols and procedures for various illnesses and ailments – just like we did in Western medicine. In this class we learned the Qigong methods for treating emotional and / or mental disorders. There is a step-by-step process in how you treat these conditions. In this class we learned how to deal with stress and anxiety.

I practiced the recommended process on my classmate Judy. She was lying on the massage table with her eyes closed. I was at the head of the table. I pointed my fingers together, mentally focusing on my thoughts to visualize or pretend I was holding a needle between my index finger and thumb. Then I gently put my pointy fingers on my classmate’s neck to relieve the stress and fear in her.

I then heard a hissing noise from the back of her neck! It was like air was being released from an over-inflated tire. Then I realized my left fingers were going cold – ice cold! My fingers on my left hand were going numb now because it was COLD AIR coming out of that fake needle!

I called my teacher to ask and all she said was, “Fine! Keep it up!” So I did it until the hissing stopped.

At the end of the treatment, Judy said she had never felt better! She didn’t hear the hissing – she just felt great, like she was as light as a feather now.

I was shocked. I knew there was no physical stress valve that I was holding, and I knew that physically no air was hissing out of her neck, even though I heard and felt it. The feedback and change in Judy was remarkable and spoke volumes to me about how effective this had been. There was really something about this qigong! We have accessed and accessed a person’s qi and directed it towards healing. That was amazing and had real results.


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