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Bad Skin Related To IBD? Enhance Your Skin Microbiome!

Fresh, wet makeup looks are trending on all social media, but what if you are dealing with skin problems like acne, rosacea, etc? These makeup trends can help you achieve the look you want. However, how about really clear, glowing and healthy skin in a natural way – from the inside out?

Learn How To Improve Your Skin Microbiome … And How Your Skin Is Linked To IBD Diseases!

What many people don’t realize is that the skin, as the body’s largest organ, actually has its OWN microbiome – just like the gut. That’s true! This means that fungi, viruses, molds, etc. that can affect our gut microbiome can also affect our skin microbiome – and actually live on our skin!

According to Ann Shipley, Md.,The skin has its own microbiome with around 1 billion organisms that live on every square centimeter of the body. “

How do we keep this microbiome healthy? I’m going to share some tips with you today.

Remember, the gut and your skin are connected!

Most of us are now familiar with the brain-gut axis connection, but what is new to many people is that there is a gut-skin axis !! This means that the brain speaks to the gut and the gut speaks to (or shows up on) your skin. Regardless of your skin condition, we can now be sure that it is related to your gut. And this is great news because now you can use your energies and focus on getting to the root of the problem.

Make sure your gut health logs are up to date! Stick to your gut health plans, such as supplementing with sodium probiotics and following the Jini protocols for your specific IBD condition. For example, Jini’s most commonly followed protocol is the Wild Oregano Protocol, as described in her Healing Guide: Natural Treatments for Intestinal Infections.

Tip 1: reset your intestinal flora

To reset your intestinal flora and strengthen the intestines (which we at LTYG specialize in!), Jini recommends using an antipathogen in conjunction with a strong probiotic. An antipathogen like wild oregano oil, olive leaf, potentized garlic, etc., acts to clear out any bad bacteria in the gut, and the probiotic replaces the lost bacteria with good, beneficial bacteria. This helped Jini reset and heal her bowels when she was dealing with IBD, and these two steps alone will greatly improve your bowel health – which in turn will help cleanse your skin!

The gut can have a huge impact on what happens to your skin. Of course, there could be other external factors as well, but usually when you get that big ole Zit, your body is trying to tell you something! Treating the bowel helps treat the “root” of your skin problems.

Interestingly, the location of the acne in acne can be a sign of the imbalance in your body! If you’re struggling with this, it may be worth investigating which organ is out of whack based on where the acne occurs on the face.

I also highly recommend reading Jini’s acne home remedies! According to Jini, naturopathic, Chinese, and homeopathic doctors claim that any skin condition is an indication of an imbalance in the gut. To treat acne or pimples, you need to normalize digestion and build beneficial intestinal flora (lots of good bacteria and no yeast growth) while also using topical treatments to eradicate the infection in your pores.

However, be careful when adding an antipathogen because if you don’t detox properly, it can severely affect what are known as “facial breakouts.” If detox is your problem, I recommend you watch this video: Detox Your New Year – 3 Tips and a Surprise!

Tip 2: diet

Now that we can see a clearer picture of the connection between the skin and the gut, what you put in your gut is also shown inside out. A clean, organic diet can work wonders for your gut and skin! This is because what you eat can feed the bad bacteria in your system and then inflammation occurs in your gut – and it shows in your skin! For example, fat can increase oil and sebum on your skin and lead to further breakouts.

“Now you might be sitting there thinking,” Yes, but I really don’t want to give up my ice cream … even though I know my body can’t take ice cream. I just can’t give up. “

To this I say: But what does it cost you?

Just something to think about. It’s your decision! But if you want that beautiful skin and gut, you just can’t go on a diet on Cheetos. I hate to say it, but you just can’t !!

In addition to creating a healthy intestinal flora, there are two skin-specific topical treatments here that can be very helpful in treating the intestinal problems in the intestines for acute facial breakouts.

Skin specific tips:

Skin tip # 1: ozone

In general, if you are unfamiliar with ozone, it is a very effective healing method. Basically, it is oxygen that is sent straight to the area it is being applied to.

According to this clinical studyWhen ozone comes into contact with body fluids, the resulting reactions produce more proteins and red blood cells. This increases the oxygen supply in your body!

One of the cool things about ozone is that it leaves good bacteria behind and kills the bad ones – it works as a natural antibiotic. Ozone can be very effective in treating skin problems, even scars, herpes, eczema, or acne.

This line actually has ozone in their skin care line which I find amazing! This oxygen improves hydration, restores the pH in the skin, and cleanses the skin of bacteria that may form with “bad guys”. Using these topical forms of ozone can REALLY help the skin. Many swear by these products, including me!

Skin tip # 2: colloidal silver

We at LTYG love each other COLLOIDAL SILVER! It seems that even the world of skin care is catching up with the versatility and effectiveness of colloidal silver, as I recently discovered This interesting article on skin care products that contain colloidal silver!

Colloidal silver can be extremely valuable in skin care. Personally, I use colloidal silver straight from the bottle – topically all over my face as well as a spot treatment if I get a blemish while detoxing my body (like every month).

Take that away …

In short, you too can be a damp face dumpling by treating your body as a whole and bringing these tips into play. Our skin goes through a lot as it protects our body in amazing ways. So let’s give them up for our SKIN – and treat them as best we can!

Linsy is Jini’s assistant. From a highly sensitive / reactive case of ulcerative colitis to a completely drug and surgery-free case using only natural methods, Linsy understands the interplay of mind / body / spirit on the healing journey firsthand.

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