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Banana ice cream with 2 ingredients

My 2-ingredient banana ice cream recipe is one of the guys’ favorites and they ask for this “Instant Soft Serve” ice cream all summer.

Banana ice cream recipe with 2 ingredients

I think it’s great that the guys eat something so simple and healthy that is sweetened purely with fruit. Have you seen the stuff teenagers eat? It’s horrific.

Vegan ice cream with bananas

Now the boys are in their early twenties and still in the mood for this banana ice cream recipe. You can make it vegan ice cream with bananas if you use coconut milk instead of cream.

Strawberry, vanilla and bean ice cream

Can you make ice cream without an ice machine?

Wondering how to make ice cream without an ice maker? This easy summer dessert recipe is for you!

I’ve been making 2 ingredient banana ice cream without an ice cream machine since the boys were little. It’s a great recipe for kids.

Making ice cream without an ice cream machine

Sometimes I’m just too lazy to drag my ice machine out of the closet. Sometimes I’m too impatient to wait 40 minutes for the ice to run.

This recipe solves both of these problems. So if you’re wondering how to make banana ice cream, read on!

Cuisinart food processor

Cuisinart Ice Cream Recipe

Preparing ice cream in the food processor is child’s play! Especially since I always have this multitasking device on the counter ready for use.

Homemade soft ice cream recipe

For this recipe, I just throw in both ingredients, press a button and a few moments later I have incredible soft ice cream.

Homemade ice cream easy

I keep frozen bananas in my freezer for my family so I can make this instant ice cream in a snap.

The boys like to snack on frozen bananas in the summer and also use them in smoothies. My younger son especially loves making smoothies with the vanilla protein powder that Mark Sisson sent us!

Banana ice cream with 2 ingredients

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Banana ice cream chocolate

If you really want to take a wild ride, sprinkle chocolate chips or sprinkles over this banana ice cream recipe.

Ingredients for ice cream

My homemade ice cream ingredients are super healthy. I use natural, unrefined sweeteners and other nutritious products.

Dairy-free ice cream

If you’re looking for dairy-free ice cream recipes, I’d rather use a coconut milk base, cashews, or hemp than the usual heavy cream.

Vegan ice cream

For those of you wondering what vegan ice cream is, it’s a frozen treat made without dairy or eggs. Vegan ice cream recipes usually use coconut milk or nut milk as a base.

All of my ice cream recipes have a vegan option because so many people I know are on a dairy-free diet.

Is ice cream gluten free?

If you’re wondering whether ice cream is gluten-free, the answer is yes, it often is. However, when shopping for ice cream be sure to read the labels to double-check the ingredients.

Rest assured, all of my ice cream recipes are gluten free. You have come to the right place because all of the recipes in my three cookbooks and on this website are 100% gluten-free.

Ice machine

How to make ice cream with an ice cream maker

If you want to know how to make ice cream with an ice cream maker, I have the following ice cream recipes for you.

Homemade ice cream recipes

Here are some of my favorite homemade ice cream recipes.

Creamsicle ice cream

Low Carb Creamsicle Ice Cream

My Creamsicle Ice Cream is a spectacular combination of creamy and tart.

This ice cream is made on the basis of coconut milk as well as orange and lemon juice and contains a secret phospholipid ingredient that supports brain function, which also makes the ice cream particularly rich and creamy.

If you’re in the popsicle mood, try my creamsicles.

vegan vanilla ice cream

Homemade vegan vanilla ice cream

My Vegan Vanilla Ice Cream is homemade so it doesn’t have to be bought in the store for the dairy-free or vegan people in your life.

With a cashew base, it’s the perfect five-ingredient vanilla ice cream recipe. This is vegan ice cream that is not only creamy and tasty, but also super easy to make.

If you’ve always wondered how to make vanilla ice cream, this is the perfect recipe for you.

Mexican chocolate ice cream

Mexican chocolate ice cream

My Mexican chocolate ice cream is made from a coconut milk base that is mixed with coffee, vanilla and cinnamon. If you want to go wild, add cayenne to give it a flavorful kick.

“Homemade ice cream, that’s chocolate” is a frequent request in this house, which I am happy to comply with. My Mexican Chocolate Ice Cream is another vegan ice cream recipe that will knock your socks off.

Cherry and strawberry ice cream

Homemade strawberry ice cream

If homemade strawberry ice cream is your thing, this recipe is for you.

My Strawberry Cherry Ice Cream is another fabulous vegan ice cream recipe made with coconut milk, strawberries, cherries, vanilla and a touch of sweetener.

It’s summer in a bowl!

Dairy-free mint chip ice cream

Vegan mint chip ice cream

My Mint Chip Ice Cream is made with a healthy base of hemp seeds and coconut to make it extra rich and creamy.

Littered with delicious dark chocolate chips, there is nothing like the combination of mint and chocolate.

Paleo Cooking Ice Cream

Peanut Butter Ice Cream, Chocolate Sorbet, Cookie Dough Ice Cream

My latest book, Paleo Cooking (pictured below) features three mind-blowing ice creams that are delicious on their own or together.

The Cookie Dough Ice Cream is one of the best recipes I have ever created. It’s a smooth and creamy vanilla ice cream with crispy chocolate chips covered in cookie dough.

The peanut butter ice cream is made without peanuts, so anyone with a peanut allergy can enjoy it.

After all, the chocolate sorbet, which is popular with fans, only contains three ingredients and melts deliciously on the tongue!

Paleo cooking from Elana's pantry

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If you’re looking for more low-carb recipes, check out my keto diet recipes page. Here are some fan favorites that are getting rave reviews:

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The best ice cream quotes

I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream is one of my favorite ice cream quotes. I love ice cream so much that I consider it my favorite food group.

Now, with my simple homemade ice cream recipes, you can have healthy, dairy-free ice cream with no additives or trash! What is your favorite?

This post is an oldie, but goodie from the archives. I shared this 2 ingredient banana ice cream for the first time in 2017.

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