December 07, 2020

Our digestive system is more than the part of our body that converts food into energy. In our entire digestive system we have a whole ecosystem of billions of bacteria. What types of bacteria we harbor affect every aspect of our health: our adrenal glands, liver detoxification, inflammation, skin conditions, and even our emotions! Believe it or not, 90% of serotonin is made in the gut. The neurotransmitter that gave birth to an entire antidepressant industry is now available for free if you feed the right microbes.
I’ve seen a lot of hemorrhagic ecoli in bowel tests this month. This bacterium is a pathogen that typically causes severe stomach cramps and bloody diarrhea in its early stages and lasts for about a week. It produces a Shiga toxin, which damages the lining of the lining and the intestinal wall and can cause bleeding outside the intestines. (Now think about where these serotonin producing bacteria will live if Ecoli ravages the place?)

But the story doesn’t end here with this pathogen. The people I saw this month have no memory of terrible bloody diarrhea (who could forget that?) And they haven’t had any diarrhea at all in the past few months. Really – her complaints included the occasional stomach ache, some strange food sensitivities, and irregular bowel movements.

Fortunately, our gut test spotted this nasty little bug and we can treat it with natural medicines. Antibiotics are life-saving drugs, but in the case of Hemorrhagic Ecoli, biomedical standards of care aren’t actually antibiotics because they don’t relieve symptoms or reduce the spread and in some cases actually make the bleeding worse. In herbal medicine we use special “phages”, specialized viruses that only attack bacteria. I know it sounds like bananas, but it is extremely safe for you and effective in getting rid of this pathogen.

  1. Don’t ignore your abdominal symptoms.
  2. You shouldn’t live with pain or irregular bowel movements.
  3. Get tested and feel better!

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