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Hello! It’s Linsy again, who is here this week to answer another question we received on the blog regarding Jini’s post: Using Bentonite Clay for Colon Problems.

The activities, interactions, and questions I’ve received from all of you so far have been FantasticSo don’t be shy and just ask if you have any questions! I will do my best to answer – and of course ask Jini for her wisdom!

The question I’m going to talk about this week is:

“I drink bentonite clay (Sonnes # 7) first thing in the morning and before bed to help with the Candida cleansing deaths. I find it helps, but that I’m extremely bloated and filled with water, especially in my stomach / intestines – I’m essentially bloated with water. This happened to other brands as well. Any thoughts on this and how to deal with it? Many Thanks!”

There are several scenarios that came to my mind after reading this comment, so today I am going to share my thoughts based on my own experiences with bentonite clay.

# 1.) The FIRST thing that comes to mind is bloating as a symptom of “dying”.

If you are familiar with the Herxheimer effect, it is basically a “killing off” of bad bacteria in your gut. Flatulence can sometimes be a symptom of this as the bentonite clay pulls out these dying pathogens.

Actually always experience flatulence on binders. Personally, I believe it’s part of the dying process, so I make sure to open up detox pathways while using binders – which brings me to the SECOND thought that came to mind after reading this reader’s comment …

# 2.) It’s important to make sure your detox pathways are open while using binders!

In my experience, I would have a reaction if the toxins extracted from the binders weren’t properly eliminated.

If this is the case, I (to this day) use an infrared sauna, take quercetin and a liver tone supplement – all products in the LTYG Shoppe! These helped open my detox pathways so that the bentonite clay could properly express the toxins.

Why is Liver Cleansing or Support so Important? With IBD, most of us have leaky bowels – so some toxins can be floating around. The liver helps remove toxins from your blood, which is a lot of work – and that’s why the liver can benefit from some assistance! The minerals in liver tone that Jini recommends contain what the liver needs to improve its performance.

Note, however, that Jini says, “If you have active IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) these herbs may be too strong for your gut and you should wait until you have been bleeding for 2-4 months before using them . And then start VERY slow and test your tolerance. If you are not bleeding – just inflammation – then start with just a few drops once a day and build up from there gradually if tolerated. Follow the directions in Chapter 2 of my book, Listen To Your Gut, to introduce new nutritional supplements. “

I totally agree with Jini. It is powerful, but it can really help clean everything for people with reactions and / or herxing as well. I started with just 1 drop and worked my way up to 3 drops. I did 4 once and it was too much for my body – so 3 drops are enough for now. I can literally feel my body detox when I use it, which is great for preparing for anti-pathogen treatments – or other things that I know could potentially trigger a reaction!

The only thing I would add to Jini’s recommendations is not to mix this liver product with any anti-pathogen, even on the same day. Because, in my opinion, BOTH makes the liver work so incredibly hard, and taking both in one day – even if separated by food, etc. – can be too much of a detox, especially with IBD flare-ups.

I personally place these products around a couple of days. I’ll be providing more information shortly on how to prepare for anti-pathogens to enable a smooth and easy HERX-free transition with these products!

The SECOND product I take while using binders / detox to open up my detox pathways is quercetin. Quercetin actually affects our gut as it is known to inhibit the growth of certain types of bacteria – super cool study to read here if you are interested.

Quercetin can also help support the liver, so we want to help our bodies properly eliminate the toxins that the binders excrete.

# 3. The THIRD thought that comes to mind when puffing up using bentonite clay is that the bentonite could be “stuck” in your system.

In this case, I would take a full-fledged, liquid-only diet in my place until the gas and distillation subsided. I wouldn’t use anti-pathogens, but an infrared sauna is great!

I personally use infrared saunas to open my detox pathways, and Jini has also written a blog post on how to use an infrared sauna for detoxification and healing aid from IBD.

# 4.) The FOURTH thought that crossed my mind is the possibility that your body just won’t tolerate bentonite clay.

If so, Jini has written a post on using activated charcoal to treat Crohn’s disease.

# 5.) The FIFTH thought that crossed my mind is related to the mind / body / soul portion of this issue.

Does this reaction have an emotional component?

Any reaction we have to a supplement and / or treatment could have an underlying EMOTIONAL component as we are actually associating this healing method with some trauma that we have experienced! This could be a smell, sound, or sensation from this treatment or supplement that may cause us to return to our trauma state – and then we have a reaction.

However, this reaction is not the result of the current supplement or treatment, it is our body that reacts to the trauma and creates a physical response! This could be because we were feeling insecure (as we did during a traumatic experience), so our body is calling this modality, or supplement, or treatment – or whatever it is! – as “unsafe”.

This happened to me recently and I’m working on a video + blog post so I can share my experience with all of you. Look out for it soon!

# 6.) The SIXTH thought that crossed my mind is to make sure that any negative energy is released.

I type when these reactions happen to me in order to open everything and move things freely! You want free flowing movement and energy in the body for detoxification. Any emotional blocks can stop the detox process and not allow the bentonite clay to do what it needs to do.

As I mentioned earlier, we may have a traumatic response to a particular healing method that we tried – and this is where acupressure tapping comes in. Because of this, Jini created a great course that will teach you how to tap on all the problems that are occurring in the moment as well as past traumas. I highly recommend trying a free session of jini if ​​you haven’t already!

# 7.) Finally, all you might need to do is switch your folder.

Activated charcoal is a great option, and I’ve had great results with a product called GI Detox too.

Thank you for switching on today! I hope this provides some practical help and I hope for everyone struggling with similar problems. There are always other options or ways to solve a problem, so never feel trapped when a treatment doesn’t work for you!

Thank you again for joining me and see you next time – happy healing and always listening to your gut feeling!

Linsy is Jini’s assistant. From a highly sensitive / reactive case of ulcerative colitis to complete freedom from medication and surgery with exclusively natural methods, Linsy understands the interplay of mind / body / soul on the healing path firsthand.

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