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I’m Detoxing and I Have Itchy Hives – Help!

Hello everybody! Linsy here. Today I want to share with you another great question that we got from a reader in response to my blog post “The Benefits of Binders” and how, when added to your logs, it can help with the negative symptoms of detox (or “die”) can help. from ”symptoms).

If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend checking it out as it is full of valuable information if you are having problems taking anti-pathogens, detoxing, or if you find it challenging to take anti-pathogens because it causes more negative symptoms.

Okay so the question we got is …

“During the detox, did anyone experience deep itching in the outer areas of their arms and legs? Would binders help avoid that? “

First of all, I would like to say to our readers: I am so sorry to hear what you are experiencing! I’ve been there too.

When I read your comment, it reminded me of all the times I detoxed and flushed certain things because I broke out in beehives every time! It was so uncomfortable and irritating that I can resonate with you and your situation.

From my experience with beehives, I’m going to share a few tips and things Jini found related to allergies and detox.

(2:23) – Herx = Herxheimer reaction
(2:43) – Yes! I used binders to help with beehives.
(3:33) – Biofilms protect bacteria, fungi and viruses from “attacks”
(3:50) – Examples: antibiotics, Jini’s WOO protocol
(4:52) – reactions can be due to dying + biofilms!
(5:54) – BCPH / binding agent removed from drugs, probiotics and antipathogens for at least 90 minutes.
(6:24) – BCPH = Bentonite Clay Psyllium Husk – Shake the recipe here
(7:04) – Glutathione
(8:06) – Increase the anti-histamine regiment: Vitamin C.
(8:22) – Raise the anti-histamine regiment: quercetin
(8:58) – Increase the anti-histamine regiment: DAO = diamine oxidase
(11:11) – Treat the root cause
(11:53) – Skin problems always affect the intestines
(12:04) – Natural probiotics, probiotic cheat sheet, I want to take probiotics – where do I start?
(12:33) – Cold shower + coconut oil for temporary relief from itching
(15:18) – As a substitute for coconut oil: Comfrey ointment mixed with a few drops of wild oregano oil

A very typical HERX reaction (short for Herxheimer reaction) can include itching and hives. This can be a common response depending on whether you are using any antipathogens in your treatment. So, to answer your question – yes! When I broke out in beehives, I used binders to relieve my symptoms.

In my case, my body reacted strongly to the toxins released by bacteria and fungi when they were killed by antipathogens. This is especially common when Candida is killed!

This brings us to the subject of biofilms. Biofilms protect bacteria, fungi and viruses in your body from external attacks. This “attack” could be antibiotics or Jini’s wild oregano protocol, for example.

If you’ve ever seen plaque on your teeth, this is a great example of a biofilm! Because this sticker itself was viewed as a biofilm.

Since biofilms protect the “bad guys” in our body, these biofilms are released when we detoxify or perform anti-pathogen treatments! So we are dealing with the “death” of pathogens and their biofilms. No wonder most of us feel pretty terrible at first about the protocol!

I wanted all of our listeners to understand this process because the responses we get could be due to the death of the pathogen itself or the biofilms – or possibly both! A double blow.

In both cases I used binders because they also work with biofilms. I like to use them before bed so they can work all night trying to pull out the toxins released during the day by an anti-pathogen treatment.

It is recommended to use bentonite clay, psyllium, or other binders to remove drugs, probiotics, and anti-pathogens for at least 90 minutes. In my case, however, I would get SO SICK after taking an anti-pathogen that I would have to drink a BCPH (bentonite and psyllium) shake 20 minutes later. I bent the rules on what works best for my body due to the weight of my HERX. It is important to listen to your gut!

In addition to binders, glutathione can really help with Herx release or reactions.

Another thought that comes to mind regarding allergic reactions and this thought may be new to many. Sometimes we can actually develop allergies to the pathogens within us, which will then cause further allergic reactions as we try to get rid of those pathogens.

In this case, I increased my antihistamine. Vitamin C is extremely helpful, and we have many well-tolerated options in the LTYG shop. Another great support and basis of Jini’s allergy protocol is quercetin. Quercetin is AMAZING for allergies and is also great for detoxing. When I’ve had problems detoxing, I’ve increased my vitamin C as well as quercetin.

We also recently added a fabulous product to the shop that contains DAO. It’s called Diem Histamine Digest with DAO and is amazing for allergies. DAO stands for diamine oxidase and if we don’t make enough of it in our small intestine, we can’t break down histamine!

I will have a blog and video shortly with details on DAO and its uses, but in short, it delivers naturally-derived diamine oxidase to the small intestine, where it acts directly on histamine in food to combat histamine-related reactions and indigestion defend.

This is a must do! I take it daily and it got rid of my allergies! If I had an allergic reaction, I took an extra dose – so when the hives started, I took a DAO capsule on an empty stomach and let the histamine die off.

After all, in the case of skin problems, Jini always recommends treating the root cause. Because everything that is current doesn’t really address the root cause, it just suppresses or calms the symptoms. We have to deal with the cause or imbalance in the body or we will never have a real healing at the root level.

Skin problems usually always affect the intestines, so taking a strong probiotic is essential! Jini recommends using soda probiotics, and soda probiotics are an integral part of many of their protocols.

Here’s an insider tip for temporary relief:

During the time when I couldn’t stand the itching any longer, I took a cool shower and soaked my body in coconut oil. We have a fantastic brand in the LTYG shop, Dr. Bronner’s – be careful if you are allergic to coconut or have nut allergies. If you suspect you can, contact your doctor!

Coconut has so many fabulous properties – it contains monolaurin and lauric acid, which have been used to kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

I think it was so helpful to me because while I was Herxing the toxins were being expressed and the antibacterial and antiviral properties of coconut oil lowered inflammation and killed all sorts of toxins that were leaking through my skin.

This is just my personal thought on the subject and gut intuition – but when you think about it, it makes perfect sense! Coconut was the only topical remedy that gave me instant relief when I just couldn’t take the discomfort any longer. It’s also extremely moisturizing. So if there is dry skin in the mix at all, which can lead to more discomfort, it can also bring relief.

If coconut oil doesn’t work for you, Jini recommends comfrey ointment mixed with a few drops of wild oregano oil – apply to any itchy skin area.

Alright! Well L, I hope that answered your question! I know it was a lot of information, but everything I touched on today is linked in this blog post.

I am always happy to receive questions from all of you. PLEASE keep in touch with you. 🙂

Until next time – have fun healing and always listen to your stomach!

Linsy is Jini’s assistant. From a highly sensitive / reactive case of ulcerative colitis to a completely drug and surgery-free case using only natural methods, Linsy understands the interplay of mind / body / spirit on the healing journey firsthand.

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