Is There Any Natural Treatment For Varicocele?

Varicocele is thought to be an inflamed vein that appears in the scrotum. Around 15% of the male population faces this problem, while infertile men develop a varicocele averaging 40%. Also, it is stated that about 50% of all infertile situations are male, which is related to this disease and is the main reason for developing male infertility.

Why are male testicles found in the outer part and justified?

The normal body temperature in men is much hotter compared to the ideal temperature needed for sperm production. Testicles are found externally as they need to be secured in a specific environment in order to allow effective sperm production. The community of arteries within the testes, namely the pampiniform venous plexus, provides the testes with breathable oxygen and also efficiently manages the testicular environment. Temperature regulation is a challenge for varicoceles. They only hinder blood flow to the testicular area and cause infertility considering the fact that viable sperm in the testes are destroyed by hot temperatures. Fortunately, there is a present natural treatment of varicocele.

Identification of varicoceles and clinical procedures

Usually, the condition is followed by a decrease in testicle size and inflammation of the scrotum. Adult men with varicoceles experience persistent throbbing discomfort in the testicles. Asymptomatic varicoceles episodes are determined clinically by performing a physical exam and sperm analysis. If the suspicion persists, it is important to diagnose it at the earliest in order to begin treatment quickly and effectively.

There are four clinical procedures for treating such disorders, namely, radiological balloon occlusion, laparoscopic surgery, microsurgery (a new remedy for treating varicoceles), and standard surgery. It’s simple, straightforward, and easy to use. Infertile men with varicoceles are often recommended to undergo this surgical treatment. But only about 30% of people who have had this surgery have seen increased sperm counts. The remaining 70% showed basically no improvement in sperm count. The doctor is less likely to be able to predict whether the patient’s sperm fertility will benefit from the operation or not. Only 15% of those who underwent varicoceles surgery successfully fathered a child.

Varicose veins natural treatment

The truth is that there are natural, cheaper, and less dangerous remedies for treating varicoceles. It includes complementary nutrition, a balanced lifestyle and proper nutrition. The aim is to strengthen the vein walls, cleanse the reproductive process and improve blood circulation.

The healthy eating plan recommends consuming plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits. Whole grains, wild seafood, nut products, foods that contain essential fatty acids should be included in the diet. Consume at least 8 glasses of water a day and choose organic meals and avoid manufactured and processed products. Avoid drinking alcohol, unhealthy foods, caffeine, and trans fats. Reduce your consumption of animal products and choose proteins from plant sources. The diet plan should be filled with bioflavonoid and ascorbic acid to tighten the surface of the veins and stop the build-up of plaque that is otherwise blocking the bloodstream. These are natural ways to cure the varicocele.

Ayurvedic treatment for varicocele

  • Reduces the varicosity of the blood vessels.
  • Relieves blood congestion and pain in the scrotum.
  • Improves sperm production and motility.
  • Removes discomfort.
  • Has a calming effect on the mind.

Nirogam’s Ayurvedic treatment for varicocele consists of

  • Chirivilwadi Kasayam Tablets – 100 tablets x 1
  • Sukumaram Kashayam tablets – 100 tablets x 1
  • Chandraprabhavati – 120 tablets x 1


  • Chirivilwadi Kashayam tablets – 1 tablet 30 minutes before breakfast and dinner with warm water
  • Sukumaram Kashayam tablets – 1 tablet 30 minutes before breakfast and dinner with warm water
  • Chandraprabhavati – 2 tablets after breakfast and dinner with warm water.

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