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Is honey elemental (monosaccharide only)?

We recently received a question from a reader that we wanted to address on this blog – because it’s a good one!

The question was whether honey is elemental (monosaccharides only) and whether it can be used in a fully elemental diet. Well the answer is actually … NO!

If you were to look at a comprehensive list of honey chemical makeup (an excerpt from

Honey ingredients:

Differences in honey:

– maltое, turanоѕе, omaltое, sucrоѕе, maltuloѕе, omaltulоѕе, nigeroѕе, trіgaloѕе, posh, paralyzing.

Up to 1% -6% is achieved on honey and up to 10% on honey.

Uron plentiful feed, the proportion of sugar could increase as a result of impaired enzyme production by Nestar, or when. Then nectar is kept in his treasure for a short time.

stored under normal conditions, the amount of the successive decreases gradually due to the long enzymatic development. They actively invert enzyme residues even after honey has been removed from the combs and stored.

As for the constant effect of reversal, the level of sugar in honey can never reach zero.

It is a sign of quality and falsification.

So probably VERY low, but not completely zero!

So what sweeteners (carbohydrates) can you use during an elemental diet?

The sweeteners recommended by Jini (which you can find on the IBD remission diet) are:

• fructose
• glucose
• Dextrose
• White stevia extract powder (not the whole green leaf)
• Luo Han extract (the best tasting natural sweetener Jini has found is Lakanto Monkfruit Sweetener – if you can tolerate erythritol)

If you cannot tolerate one of the sugar alcohols (erythritol, xylitol, maltitol, etc.) and these cause gas / bloating or loose stools, Jini recommends sticking to stevia and / or monk fruits (Luo Han Guo).

Maltodextrin is a glucose polymer. Fructose, glucose, and dextrose are all monosaccharide sugars. Again, all of your carbohydrates have to be pre-digested – so normal sugar, maple syrup or honey are not allowed either. Also, remember that natural fructose is not the same as high fructose corn syrup and doesn’t have the same harmful effects on the body!

According to Jini, the reason elemental diets require a carbohydrate component is to provide a balanced diet for people who are often malnourished and underweight. You need the carbohydrate content in order to be able to achieve your normal weight again – this is very difficult to achieve with whey protein alone.

Other semi-sweet allowances:
• clear fruit juices
• Popsicles made from clear fruit juices
• Jello made from clear fruit juice and gelatine
• Clear organic herbal teas (only caffeine-free, can be sweetened with stevia, Luo Han or fructose)
• Certain brands of gummy bears (no more than 10 per day) -> Look for gummy bears that are made primarily from fruit juice, with no artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors or preservatives, and only with acceptable sugar and gelatin – also don’t consume more than that ten a day.
• Certain brands of natural chewing gum (see list of ingredients for permitted sugars, maximum 5 sticks per day)

All fruit juices must be fresh (not from concentrate) without additives such as sugar, colorings or preservatives. Certified organic fruit juice is preferable – so, according to Jini, make sure it’s clear and free of cloudiness.

If you buy a slightly cloudy juice, Jini recommends straining it through a cheesecloth or tea towel to filter out the remaining pulp. Juice from a household or commercial juicer is difficult to use because the juice contains a lot of pulp – so strain well (maybe several times) to remove the pulp. Please note that these sieved juices never look as crystal clear as juice from concentrate, but they are healthier! Jini’s Hack leaves freshly squeezed juice hanging in a very finely woven tea towel (do not press on the juice) – it is then filtered out well. It still won’t be crystal clear, but the pulp has been removed.

To make fruit juice popsicles, you can buy a popsicle form at the home goods store or online, pour in the clear juice of your choice (dilute juice with 1/3 water to lower the sugar content) However, remember that all fruit juices are mainly made up of sugar, so consume in moderation!

Jini doesn’t make brand recommendations for juice, broth, or chewing gum as companies are constantly changing their recipes / ingredients – you just have to check each label individually. However, in the LTYG shop we have chewing gum that is compatible with an elementary diet.

I know elemental diets can feel extremely restrictive, so I hope these suggestions help! LOTS of more details on this in Jini’s book and e-book on the IBD remission diet.

Savannah is Jini’s assistant. An avid chef who loves to travel, speaks fluent Spanish and has a special affinity for animals. Savannah is always ready with helpful resources and answers to tough questions.

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