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Cinnamon Coffee Cake Recipe

Healthy cake recipes for Mother’s Day brunch

My simple cake recipe is also one of the best low-carb almond flour recipes for Mother’s Day brunch – it’s a great gift for mom.

Kosher for Passover coffee cake

This cinnamon coffee cake made from almond flour is also kosher for Passover because, like all my recipes, it does not contain chametz.

Gluten-free almond flour recipes

I created this cinnamon coffee cake recipe by taking it from a recipe from my first book, the Gluten Free Almond Flour Cookbook, published in 2009.

This book still sells like hot cakes, pardon the phrase. Both coffee cake recipes are dairy-free almond flour recipes.

Coffee Cake Recipe – Where’s the Coffee?

American coffee cake is a delicate cake with a rich topping. This type of coffee cake rarely, if ever, contains coffee.

It’s called coffee cake because it’s usually served with coffee for breakfast or in the afternoon.

After a festive meal, we often serve cinnamon coffee cakes for dessert. If you’re interested in coffee cake muffins, check out my nut-free pumpkin coffee cake muffins.

Breakfast for dinner

The great thing about this cinnamon coffee cake recipe is that it can be used for breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner. So many uses for a phenomenal recipe make it very popular.

Breakfast recipes

Do you need breakfast ideas? Below are some of my favorite breakfast recipes that are also great for brunch, lunch, or dinner!

simple fruit salad

Fruit salad

My fruit salad recipe is so easy and delicious. I will show you how to make fruit salad that everyone will ask for!

Blueberry coffee cake

Blueberry coffee cake

Since this post is all about coffee cake recipes, I wanted to share my Blueberry Coffee Cake recipe from my third book, Paleo Cooking from Elana’s Pantry.

Like my Cinnamon Coffee Cake, it’s a fan favorite.

Keto Huevos Rancheros Griddle Casserole

Rancheros eggs

My Huevos Rancheros Recipe is a family favorite breakfast for dinner in this house!

Breakfast sausage

Breakfast sausage with frittata and salsa verde

Above is one of my favorite Paleo Cooking photos from Elana’s Pantry, a full breakfast preview of the meal that includes my breakfast sausage recipe, as well as my frittata and salsa verde recipes.

I love every salsa recipe on my frittata as much as I love frittata for breakfast!

How to make cake from almond flour

So now you know how to make cakes from almond flour, and luckily, these cake recipes couldn’t be easier from scratch.

Easy brunch recipes

I threw in a few other things like a fruit salad recipe, sausage recipe, and more to get your breakfast ideas going and prepare you for healthy, happy success in low carb low carb cooking.

This post is an oldie, but a goodie from the archives. I first shared this cinnamon coffee cake recipe in March 2015.

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