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Healing in layers

Today I want to talk to you about it Healing in layers. Now you might be wondering what that actually means – tTake a walk with me as I explain what happened to me while I was healing my severe ulcerative colitis.

Healing my UC

When my natural healing journey began, I was so laser focused on ONE topic: my ulcerative colitis, which was in the lower part of my colon.

At the time I thought that was the ONLY problem in my body. Little did I know that with every leap of faith, with every step and level of healing, I would shed a layer of something else.

As the symptoms and problems increased, I learned that the whole body is connected! Every cell and every tissue! I knew this to some extent, but when I actually experienced it I got the message loud and clear! Don’t just treat symptoms! Treat the entire BODY for deep and lasting healing.

I’ll give you an example:

When my ulcerative colitis finally responded to my natural efforts and the bleeding and mucus were gone, I was so happy! But I had built a stigma in my head that once this was gone, I would be healed and that I would never have stomach problems again. And in return, I would be a happy person again.

Unfortunately, I found out the hard way that this wasn’t the case. I had just started my journey and I didn’t even know it.

Peel an onion

Just as the ulcerative colitis was subsiding, to my surprise, I was given SIBO. That freaked me out for hearing from others who had never found relief. And not only that, I also had no idea what to do with SIBO as I had never seen it before.

This whole situation led me to realize that the toxins and viruses I had were systematic. My whole body was affected, not just the lower colon as I originally thought. So I’ve refined my Treatments and goals with a focus on treating the whole body: physically and emotionally.

I like to think of it like peeling an onion – with each layer you peel, you go deeper and deeper into the root problems. But here’s the part that most people misunderstand: when you peel off a layer of an onion, the scent gets stronger. This is the same with healing our body! If we heal and peel layers to find the root cause, most people will experience more symptoms when things get churned. Therefore, it can be uncomfortable to remove a layer at first. There may be discomfort with physical or emotional symptoms.

Many people stop here on their journey. They freak out (like I did when I heard I got SIBO even though I was over the “shock” LOL the next day) and as their symptoms worsen they stop all natural healing efforts!

So I wanted to bring this to your attention because so many readers write, “I’ve done all the protocols and I’m still sick or WORSE.” Well, I’m certainly not a substitute for your doctor, but I just want you to see how that happened to us ALL!

Healing is a journey

We have all experienced those days when you feel like throwing in the towel. I’ve had days wondering what to do about choosing natural medicine because my symptoms were insanely intense again! So what do you do when this happens?

A number of things can help, but just to keep on topic, keep these things in mind this is a JOURNEY. Travel has hills and bumps and mountains and flat terrain – and everything in between. Of course, take practical and emotional measures and consult your doctors, but also remember:

The road to disease has been slow and progressive, so your health will take different turns – as I was sure it was with the first IBD!

It is almost guaranteed that there will be some “kickback” from your body once you start implementing Jini’s Protocols and natural healing so that you can remember that this is normal. With good intentions or not, we are changing this microbiome! So if you disturb the flora, you will most likely experience something.

If this happens and you get discouraged, what will help you stay on course and stay motivated? For me it was self-reflection and the question: “How much do I want to heal?”

My body would respond with an alarming “yes, we really want it”.

And I was able to continue the course.

Keep an eye on your goal

Another helpful thing is to keep your goal in mind. They say that most runners stay focused on their goal with no distractions, which is what drives them to victory. You “see” the finish line. If you are experiencing symptoms in trying to cure the root cause of your problems, why not envision your goal?

Where do you see yourself
What you are doing?
How does it feel?

If you do, it can start a fire inside to get through.

goalNow my body is healed from the bottom up. Again, as I healed, symptoms began to appear on each part, telling me where there was further imbalance in the body. All in all, my journey was from problems with my lower colon, to my small intestine, to my stomach, to my esophagus, then to my lungs, and THEN to my sinuses. I had ulcerative colitis, then SIBO, then GERD, then asthma, and then sinusitis. It was like literally working up all that bad stuff (physically and emotionally)! I don’t like naming symptoms or my body, but I just wanted to show you how all of these things came about while working to treat them naturally every angle.

What’s even more interesting is that Jini experienced the opposite. She healed from top to bottom so her lower colon was the last thing she healed. These are two great examples to consider as we know we experienced it too!

Lean into your body wisdom

During my healing journey, I have readjusted the protocols and treatments in response to the new symptoms I was experiencing and really leaned on my own body wisdom – while working on the emotional component of the healing as well as the physical!

And the funny thing is, the same things happened when I addressed my emotional healing. As soon as I addressed one trauma, another emerged! Or I would address one emotion and another would come up.

It can be exhausting, but it’s also so refreshing to be freed of that baggage – and that’s what motivated me to keep going. Jini’s lazer tapping was key for me to resolve my trauma as I continued peeling on my “layers”. If you have bowel problems, I highly recommend you try Jini’s free session on letting go of emotions in the bowel that cause physical illness.

I hope you found this perspective helpful and that sharing my experience can help you move into a healthier version of yourself!

What other questions do you have for me? Let me know in the comments!

Linsy is Jini’s assistant. From a highly sensitive / reactive case of ulcerative colitis to complete freedom from medication and surgery with exclusively natural methods, Linsy understands the interplay of mind / body / soul on the healing path firsthand.

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