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Physical, emotional, and spiritual causes of low hemoglobin levels

Are You Struggling With Low Hemoglobin? Many people find it particularly difficult to increase their hemoglobin. This is partly due to physical reasons – many fail to understand that in order to properly use iron, the body must also consume vitamin C, vitamin B12, folic acid, and the B-complex vitamins. BUT you cannot take vitamin C and folic acid together as they interfere with absorption.

Which reminds me that eggs also interfere with iron use. So don’t eat eggs when you take your iron either.

What is even less understood or considered are the emotional / spiritual components of stores with low hemoglobin or ferritin (stored iron) levels. In this video excerpt from one of the live support sessions on my lazer tapping program, walk me through all of these possible factors:

Here are the links I promised in the video:

QuikPlus Atomic Iron (Nano)

Angstrom iron with vitamin C.

Sublingual vitamin B12

If you are struggling with this problem, I would love to hear what you experienced and discovered …

Jini Patel Thompson is an internationally recognized expert in natural digestive disease healing. She healed herself from widespread Crohn’s disease and has been drug and surgery free for over 20 years. Jini has appeared on numerous podcast, television and radio shows in the US, UK, Canada and Australia, giving people hope and vision on how to cure their Colitis, Crohns, Diverticulitis and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) in all natural methods . Her books on natural digestive disease cures have been sold in over 80 countries around the world.

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